World Record Certificates of Participation

On 14 October 2017, Celenic Earth Publications published CEA Greatest Anthology Written, a world record breaking volume of short stories by 109 short stories, beating the Guinness World Record of 50 writers in one volume for the Most Writers Contributing to a Volume of Short Stories.

We have issued every participant with a Certificate of Participation to show how much we value their involvement in this project. It was no small task to put this volume together, and everyone played a very important role.

Below, you will find the list of official writers, as well as their placement in the volume.

Entry Nr.SectionSection Nr.AuthorStory
1Contemporary Fiction1Pragashnie NaidooNaomi & Peter
2Contemporary Fiction2Suzana SjenicicMadrena
3Contemporary Fiction3Nathaniel KaineThe Park Ranger
4Contemporary Fiction4Lawrie LeveI Could Die Laughing
5Contemporary Fiction5Jeremy LackeyDear Caroline
6Contemporary Fiction6John IrvineApril Fool
7Contemporary Fiction7Erik T. JohnsonFanny
8Contemporary Fiction8Gaёtane BurkolterThe Cloudy Colt
9Contemporary Fiction9Lynette GreenfieldThe Single Mistake
10Contemporary Fiction10Leonie HarrisOnly Improbable
11Contemporary Fiction11Naomi LucasThe Story of a Muse
12Contemporary Fiction12Chantelle SaltLaylah’s Light
13Contemprary Fiction13Peter DeelmanThe Awakening
14Contemporary Fiction14Sunayna Pal Where will you run to
15Contemporary Fiction15Anastasia-Alexandra NenovaI Died, I Went to Heaven and I Lived to Tell About It
16Contemporary Fiction16Oz MonroeTatertots and Beer
17Contemporary Fiction17Seshadari MoodleyShortbread
18Contemporary Fiction18Andrew TrothBella and the Man
19Contemporary Fiction19Mirren HoganLife in Photoshop
20Contemporary Fiction20Keith DisleyMatryoshka
21Contemporary Fiction21Molly NeelyAn Heirloom Spirit
22Contemporary Fiction22Mouse Diver-DudfieldThe Highwayman
23Contemporary Fiction23Katrina van OostrumUncles and Outlaws
24Contemporary Fiction24Angelique PachecoBirds of Change
25Contemporary Fiction25Lisa MortonCity of Dreams
26Contemporary Fiction26Tejal SinghButterfly Pea Tea
27Contemporary Fiction27Gemma TarrForgotten Kisses
28Contemporary Fiction28Godfrey CoppingerMaggie’s Song
29Contemporary Fiction29Cynthia BoothOne Date is Danger
30Contemporary Fiction30Dion PerryDouble trouble barley straw blondes
31Contemporary Fiction31Wesley RolfeShadows’ Legacy
32Contemporary Fiction32M.D. PitmanThe Drink
33Psychological Thriller1Andi HodgettsInner Demons
34Psychological Thriller2Tega GreatsForgiving Vengeance
35Psychological Thriller3Dani J CaileLiving
36Psychological Thriller4Karen MorralThe Jaguar
37Psychological Thriller5Shameez Patel PapathanasiouClick
38Psychological Thriller6Benson Sibigam IsaacUnderneath the Surface
39Psychological Thriller7Shaakirah MoteteNoa
40Psychological Thriller8Heather WilsonThe Game
41Psychological Thriller9David ShorbA Jim Beam Christmas
42Psychological Thriller10Catherine TaylorShot to the Heart
43Psychological Thriller11Jeffrey A. CooperThe Stock Tip
44Psychological Thriller12Donna Marie WestThe Detour
45Psychological Thriller13Marian MaplesdenConfession
46Psychological Thriller14Barry N. CoxUncle Toby
47Psychological Thriller15Hilda WilsonPhilip’s Enigma
48Psychological Thriller16Nikky OlivierSeven Sins
49Psychological Thriller17Stacy SavageTheater Masks
50Fantasy1Roy C BoothQuartermaster’s Dinner
51Fantasy2Travis LudvigsonTondo
52Fantasy3Walter RheinA Beast like a Child
53Fantasy4Amanda RebelloUnDemonizing Devlin
54Fantasy5Silvana G. SánchezPromised
55Fantasy6Brigette RonneTinkles the Fairy and her Adventure Beyond the Village Walls
56Fantasy7Gerry HuntmanThe Place Where Two Eagles Meet
57Fantasy8Jude CocaigneThe Girl with the Red Hood
58Fantasy9John M. FloydThe Tenth Floor
59Fantasy10Caroline ReidWaltz for One
60Fantasy11Mira Fahlan The Roman Way
61Fantasy12Darren GoossensTwo Broken Wings
62Fantasy13Candice CloeteMy last tooth
63Fantasy14Zena ShapterWanting the Beast
64Fantasy15Wondra VanianQueen Muirgheal’s Curse:  A Faerie’s Tale
65Fantasy16Gregory NorrisThe Shadow Over Camelot
66Fantasy17Shaun JoosteOn Earth as it isn’t in Heaven
67Fantasy18Kristi Anne ShorbNyssa Tales: Wolf Down
68Fantasy19Madge H. GressleyThe Package
69Fantasy20Annie Louise TwitchellPenance of a Panther
70Fantasy21Robbie Jackson-KeenanHapless Hero
71Fantasy22Lucio RodriguezWitch Hollow
72Fantasy23Amanda DesireeThe Evening Star
73Fantasy24Kylie PfeifferThe Mist
74Fantasy25Michael MilicevicThe Code Talker’s Cant
75Fantasy26Grannd KaneTAHRODIIS
76Fantasy27Debbie StansfieldWhispering Creatures
77Fantasy28Rebekah DeVallFor My Brother
78Horror1Dean ClarkThe Darkest Feelings
79Horror2Russell SmeatonSnake Charmer
80Horror3Daniel HallThe Grandfather
81Horror4Lecura BonnerThe Girl With the Black Eyes
82Horror5Clare HowieSecret and Whispers
83Horror6Nerisha KemrajThe Unwanted Visitor
84Horror7Eric J. GuignardSiren of the Swamp
85Horror8Lucy TaylorFercundity
86Horror9Pamela JeffsFirstborn
87Horror10Kendell M. JonesStep Mother
88Horror11B.E. ScullyThe People Who Live Between the Roads
89Horror12Krista LynnOne Hellishly Hot Night
90Horror13Erin FitchBuried Deep Down
91Horror14C.M. SheelyInstinct
92Horror15Tracy L CarboneProvidence
93Horror16Adrian JohnsonThe Ruination Theater
94Horror17Marc E. FitchThe Zbruch Idol
95Horror18Mav SkyeKilling Angels
96Science Fiction1Shane PorteousBattle from the Belly
97Science Fiction2Raymond DaleyThe Dirtheads of Duke Street
98Science Fiction3Richard MatthewsonHyperspace is a Harsh Mistress
99Science Fiction4Frank RogerMemoirs Found in a Microchip
100Science Fiction5MaryKate ClarkThe Other Side
101Science Fiction6Adam LeggettJust Another Day
102Science Fiction7Theolin TemboThe Phoenix
103Science Fiction8Raymond LittleThe End of Science
104Science Fiction9JG FahertyDestination Unknown
105Science Fiction10Kaaron WarrenThe Gossip Writer’s Notebook
106Science Fiction11Alistair DavidseThe Elpis Mission
107Science Fiction12Kindra SowderThe Story of Emerson King
108Science Fiction13Carina Merritt Just One More
109Science Fiction14Jessica C. JoinerGiants Fall

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