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Suzana Sjenicic’s ‘Anxiety Free’ Launches in English Today!

We have some wonderful news. One of our greatest projects has gone live today. Originally published and printed in the Serbian language, Anxiety Free is now available to the world in English.

Suzana Sjenicic was born in 1989 in Pancevo, Serbia. She moved to New York with her parents at the age of 15, where today she practices psychotherapy in private practice. In her free time, she enjoys writing fictional short stories, some of which were published in various anthologies including our very own. Along with psychotherapy, Suzana is a columnist for a Serbian women’s magazine. She organizes and holds workshops on various mental health topics.

And we have had the pleasure of working with Suzana before. One of her short stories was featured in our world record anthology, CEA Greatest Anthology Written. So when she approached us to publish the English version of her book, we were very eager to assist. Anxiety Free is officially the first non-fiction book we have ever approved for publishing, turning the tide in our publishing services.

Anxiety Free is a book we highly prize and praise, and we will be doing a review on it shortly. For now, rest assured that your anxiety and stress is in good hands, especially during COVID-19 and the stress that comes with isolation and social distancing.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Anxiety’s Book page and read more about it, and where you will be able to purchase it online.

Three Books LAunching This Week That Will Help You Through These HArd Times

Are you stuck in isolation and social distancing, stressing about the future and COVID-19? Are you struggling to cope with being locked in doors while the world is going mad outside?

We have three upcoming book launches, all geared to help you with the anxiety and stress of the current times. We are aware that having paperbacks delivered to you right now might be impossible with lockdowns happening in many parts of the world. This does not mean that you cannot enjoy a good ebook from the safety of your phone, tablet or laptop.

Despite the current situation, Celenic Earth Publications and our writers have decided to continue with publishing so that we can keep your intellect active during these trying times.

On 1 April 2020 we have Luthando Ningiza’s Christian books going live. God of Mankind and Greatness of God will be published at the same time, which will be the first time we perform a double book launch for an author. They represent his thoughts on God and how good he is to mankind, while reflecting on how to cope during hard times such as the one we are faced with now.

And of course we have the celebrated Suzana Sjenicic who is launching her book, Anxiety Free. What a perfect title for such difficult times. Originally published in Serbian, the book launch of the English version has been highly anticipated for some time now!

Celenic Earth Publications is so proud to celebrate the book launch of Anxiety Free on 3 April 2020. It will be available in both paperback and ebook. Anxiety Free will help you with some detailed copying strategies from a professional psychotherapist who has been helping clients with their anxieties for years now.

Please feel free to visit our Library to read more about these books and see details for ordering. We will be announcing the book launches later this week when the books are officially published.

Suzana Sjenicic’s ‘Anxiety Free – English Edition’ Is Now Available For Preorder

3 April 2020 is going to be a very exciting day! We have really been enjoying working on the English Edition of Suzana Sjenicic‘s Anxiety Free, which was original published in Serbian as “Oslobodjeni anksioznosti”.

We have had a long professional relationship with Suzana, since our journey started in 2017 with our world record anthology, CEA Greatest Anthology Written. We are therefore very honoured to be able to publish her first book on Anxiety here in English. The Serbian Edition did so well, selling out stock within the first few days, that we felt that it is extremely necessary to bring the same book to the English world.

Preorders are now live for her book. With the anxiety that comes with the current COVID-19 situation, you may well be needing a book that shows various strategies when dealing with stress and anxiety. Suzana’s book perfectly describes the types of anxiety out there, and various ways that can help you cope.

So feel free to head on over to Amazon for the ebook preorder, or to our own page in our Library if you want to order either the Paperback or Ebook editions from us directly. As from 3 April 2020, both will be available from all our leading online retail outlets.

“Many of us feel anxious on a daily basis. Whether it be stress at work or college, family problems, the usual crowds on the streets and city transportation, or some daily routine that is no longer so simple; there is a feeling that the problems are overwhelming and that they are taking control of us and that there is nothing we can do about it. Anxiety makes us anxious about the future or keeps us burdened with the past. Neither of these two is healthy and both of these things can significantly weaken and exhaust us, both mentally and physically.

With the tips and practical exercises this book provides, you will learn how to recognize anxiety symptoms in yourself and in your loved ones. Learn how to control your own panic and anxiety attacks and how to help a loved one with a similar problem. Get rid of harmful patterns and enhance and enrich your life with serenity and well-being.”