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Science Fiction Screenplay ‘Space Drifter’ Seeks Film Options and Sale for Production

In 2015, the science fiction feature film screenplay ‘The Space Drifter’ was submitted to the Cinequest Screenwriting Competition by author and screenwriter, Shaun M Jooste. It was nominated for the best feature film screenplay by the judges, with the following comment:

Sci-fi is notorious for being difficult when it comes exposition. However, you have created a world with solid bones and great potential.

Following on the successful nomination of the film screenplay, we are now seeking representation in either the optioning of the script for a 12 month period or the sale of the screenplay.

The screenplay’s logline also won the 2017 Logline of the Year award on the Wild Sound Festival site for the for the CRIME/MYSTERY Festival. The details of the submission was as follows:

Title: The Space Drifter 

Written by: Shaun M Jooste 

Type: Feature Film 

Genre: Sci-Fi, Mystery, Adventure 

Logline: A woman is found drifting naked in space, with no memory of who she is, how she has destructive abilities or why she is immortal. She sets out to find an imprisoned space drifter like her, only to be hunted by those terrified of who they may be…. and who they may become. 

If you are looking to produce a space travelling science fiction film with a hint of fantasy, we would love to hear from you and your offer. There are some special effects in the script, with at least 3 major locations, but we will share more details on this with those of you who show your interest.

You can read the logline and a brief synopsis on the Wild Sound Festival site , Stage 32 profile and on the screenwriter’s blog. If you would like to know more details or indicate your interest, please complete the form below:



Science Fiction Short Story Anthology Open for Submissions

We’re breaking into the New Year with a call for submissions! Last year, we published CEA Into the Beyond Volume 1 in ebook and paperback, which was the debut science fiction collection. We had several new writers featured in that volume, and the anthology did relatively better than the others.

We are now preparing for the second science fiction anthology, with a few writers already writing about at their stories. We are extending an invite to anyone who would like to be part of the anthology. We need about five more writers to be considered for acceptance into the volume.

So if you’re into science fiction and love writing short stories, we would be happy to hear from you. We have a Writer’s Agreement that is standard with all our writers, and a basic summary to the agreement can be read here below:

  • No writers or publishing fee;
  • Royalties split between publisher and writers;
  • Writers retain copyright to their stories, while publisher retains right to entire volume;
  • Stories of up to 10,000 words accepted, preferably sent in MS Word format for easy transfer into anthology working document;
  • Any sub-genre of science fiction is accepted, as long as it is science fiction;
  • Each story will feature a cover image and a writer bio;
  • Must be willing to join our Discord channel where we discuss all book publishing details;
  • Option to become a member of the Celenic Writers Guild for further writing opportunities.

So if you see chance to have your work published in our anthology, feel free to contact us with the form below. We are looking at a deadline of 15 February 2019 and would like to start as soon as possible.


CEA Greatest Anthology Written With Its 108 Short Stories in 1 Volume Is Nominated for Best Anthology Awards 2017

When CEA Greatest Anthology Written was released in October, we knew it would become an instant success. Not only is it up for a Guinness World Record for the Most Authors Contributing Towards an Anthology of Short Stories, but it was also nominated for the Shirley Jackson Awards. And now, CEA Greatest Anthology Written has been nominated for the Best Anthology of 2017 in the Preditors and Editors Awards.

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That makes two awards nominations in 2 months!! We’re sure there are many more to come in 2018, but for now we are ending 2018 with a glorious bang. Even though a nomination is great, we would love for you to vote for our Anthology in the awards. As it stands, CEA Greatest Anthology Written is topping the standings, and we would dearly love to keep it that way. So if you would like to help, please visit the Preditors and Editors Anthology voting page and give us a click.

We will keep you updated with standings on our social media platforms every week, so be sure to follow us on social media (the buttons on the bottom of this site’s page) and don’t miss out.

CEA Greatest Anthology Written is officially available!


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We did it! Our official attempt at a Guinness World Record for the Most Authors Contributing Towards an Anthology of Short Stories has been published! 108 writers, 108 stories and features various genres such as contemporary fiction, romance, historical fiction, horror, psychological thriller, science fiction, crime, mystery…. we’ve made sure to cater for every taste possible!

We are now in the home stretch of the verification of the world record. And you can help us out. We need to reach a goal of 1000 sales as the final goal towards this verification. Even if you cannot purchase the largest volume of short stories you will ever read, please help us in at least sharing our anthology with the world on social media. Every share helps!

So head on over to our Book page for more details on this volume, or straight to our ordering page to decide which method you will use to order your copy. We are still organising a new local event launch in Cape Town after Exclusive Books cancelled our initial event, and will keep you updated.



Last Chance to Be Named a Sponsor in our Upcoming World Record Anthology

We are reaching 30 September 2017 very very quickly and the pressure is on. Exclusive Books is busy ordering their paperback copies for all their branches around South Africa in preparation for the launch event whereby we hope to sell over 1000 copies. Once we reach this lofty goal, Guinness will then verify all our evidence for our World Record attempt at the Most Authors Contributing Towards an Anthology of Short Stories.

And this is your last chance to be named an official sponsor in the World record anthology itself. Tomorrow the volume is being sent to all our distributors for final approval in order to activate preorders on their systems, and we will not be able to edit it further after that.

So if you want to still have your name down in the record book, head on over to our sponsor pre-order page and place your order today. You will still be able to pre-order until 30 September 2017, but no direct pre-orders received after today will be placed in the Volume.


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Our Guinness World Record Anthology and Pre-Order Pages Are Live!!!

We have been working hard today to bring you the official pages to read more details on our CEA Greatest Anthology Written Anthology and for you to be able to pre-order. The Anthology page gives details on the Launch Event and the List of Writers with their countries and story titles. The Pre-Order page now not only allows you to pre-order through Payfast, but PayPal as well!! We’ve also indicated various currencies to make it easier to determine what type of sponsor you want to be.

Since these pages already have a wealth of information, we won’t be saying anything further here. Click on the Book image below to read more details on the Anthology, and on the Pre-order button to decide what type of Guinness World Record sponsor you want to be listed as.


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Guinness World Record Anthology Update

We have been progressing well with our attempt at a world record anthology. With the current record set at 50 writers, we currently have 112 writers in our official Facebook group. 23 writers have submitted and been accepted into the anthology, and here are their names listed on the official Guinness database:


And here are the genres that you can expect from the anthology so far:

Guinness genres


We also have a sponsor update. We’ve been receiving sponsors through our pre-order and donation system and in the last few days we’ve obtain so many pledges already. Thank you so much to those that have preorders and also donated to the event. Every pledge counts towards the 1000 copies we need to print and have sold.

We have another month to work on receiving orders and finalising our stories. We will keep you updated as time goes by. In the meantime, be sure to check out our Library for our other books available for sale.

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CEA Into the Beyond Sci Fi Anthology Released on Ebook and Paperback Platforms

Our debut science fiction anthology has finally been released!! Five writers worked hard the last month and a half to bring the stories to you, and we have finally been able to publish it this weekend.

The Anthology is available on our official distribution platforms, which can be viewed on the CEA Into the Beyond page. Thank you to Pragashnie Naidoo for her glittering preview review on Pulse Entertainment UK.

If you will recall, we ran a competition for followers to win free digital copies of this anthology. We are pleased to announce that Andi Hodgetts was the ultimate winner of this prize! Thank you for following, sharing and liking our pages and posts! Your hard work is appreciated. You will be receiving your free ebook copy soon.


Celenic Earth Anthologies Scheduled for the Rest of 2017: Open call for Writers

With two anthologies already published and another two being released this weekend, we’ve decided to formally plan out the rest of the year, as the number of anthologies being created has increased.

There has been a growing interest in other genres and therefore we have made a plan to accommodate these desires. We therefore formally present the following Anthology publishing schedule. (Click on the image to enlarge)

CEA Anthology Submission and Publishing Schedule2.jpg


CEA Between the Mystery Volume 1 (Crime Thriller)

Open call for writers: 19 June 2017
Submissions 31 July 2017
Expected Publishing Date: 15 August 2017

CEA With veiled Deduction Volume 1 (Noir / Hardboiled)

Open call for writers: 19 June 2017
Final Submissions 31 July 2017
Expected Publishing Date: 15 August 2017

CEA Writers without Boundaries 2 (Closed NaNo Group)

NaNoWriMo July Camp: 1 July 2017
Final Submissions 31 July 2017
Expected Publishing Date: 15 August 2017



CEA Under the Sheets Volume 1 (Erotica)

Open call for writers: 1 July 2017
Submissions 31 August 2017
Expected Publishing Date: 15 September 2017

CEA Within the Pride Volume 1 (LGBT)

Open call for writers: 1 July 2017
Submissions 31 August 2017
Expected Publishing Date: 15 September 2017



CEA Through the Dark Volume 2 (Horror)

Open call for writers: 1 August 2017
Submissions 31 September 2017
Expected Publishing Date: 15 October 2017

CEA Beyond the Hallowed Volume 1 (Halloween)

Open call for writers: 1 August 2017
Submissions 31 September 2017
Expected Publishing Date: 31 October 2017



CEA Towards the Pulse Volume 1 (Closed Pulse Entertainment Group)

Open call for writers: 1 September 2017
Submissions 31 October 2017
Expected Publishing Date: 15 November 2017

CEA Inside your Spirit Volume 1 (Inspirational / Spiritual)

Open call for writers: 1 September 2017
Submissions 31 October 2017
Expected Publishing Date: 15 November 2017



CEA Among the Jingles Volume 1 (Christmas)

Open call for writers: 1 October 2017
Submissions 31 November 2017
Expected Publishing Date: 25 December 2017

CEA Above the Resolutions Volume 1 (New Year)

Open call for writers: 1 October 2017
Submissions 31 November 2017
Expected Publishing Date: 31 January 2017


Writers who would like to become part of any of the above anthologies are welcome to contact us at shaunmjooste@celenicearth.com .  If you would like to be included in a much later anthology, you can apply to have your name put on the anthology’s list now already and don’t have to wait. Writers who took part in a previous volume of an already published anthology will automatically be included in the next volume.

Please note that that up to 10 writers will be published per anthology. If we are full, we will keep your name on the list for when another seat becomes available.

If you have any queries, please email us.


CEA Past your Reality Fantasy Anthology #1 – Released Date: 19 June 2017

We are proud to announce that our latest upcoming anthology, CEA Past your Reality Volume 1, will be released on Monday 19 June 2017. Five authors have been working hard at getting their stories to us, and we’ve been working on editing and cover images these last few days, that it really feels like an anthology earned!

If you would like to pre-order the ebook so long, you may do so on Amazon . The paperbacks and ebook distribution on other platforms like Smashbook and Nook should be out at the same time, all things going well.

As a bit of a tease, here are the authors and their stories within the Fantasy Anthology:

  • Dean Clark – The Battle for Home
  • Karl Taylor – Broman the Vegetarian
  • Sarah Beth James – Carnival of Fear
  • Janika Hoffmann – Calling Winds
  • Shaun M Jooste – Dreams of Change

As you can see, it features two authors who have individual books published by CEP already, namely Dean’s ‘Hegis’ Grasp‘, and Shaun’s fantasy trilogy and Silent Hill novel.

The next pair of anthologies that we will be focusing on is a Noir Anthology and a Crime Thriller Anthology, set for release end July 2017. We will also be gauging the interest in two other genre anthologies, while working on CEA Through the Dark Volume 2 and CEA Writers without Boundaries Volume 2. More information to follow at a later date.

Finally, we are extending our Sci-Fant competition for lucky winners to win free ebook copies of CEA Past your Reality. Entries will be open until the book is published on 19 June 2017, so make your way to the competition page for more details.