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Pretoria FM Radio Interviews Us On Our Guinness World Record Anthology Attempt

On Friday 20 October 2017, we were interviewed by Pretoria FM about our Guinness World Record Anthology attempt. We were fortunate enough to obtain a recording of that interview and stream it on our site.

The interviewer asked questions in our Afrikaans language, while I responded in English for all of our followers and readers overseas who do not understand Afrikaans. Also, just beneath the stream below, we have transcribed the questions into English, for you to follow more easily.



Questions in English (rough translation):

Pretoria FM: Welcome to the afternoon broadcast, and a writer and publisher from Cape Town has accepted the challenge to beat a Guinness World Record for the Most Authors Contributing towards an Anthology of Short Stories. Shaun M Jooste is in the last stretch to beat this record and we have the wonderful opportunity to speak to him straight from the Cape.

Good afternoon, Shaun. It’s lovely chatting to you.

Shaun:  Good day there. How are you doing?

Pretoria FM: Fantastic thank you. I think it’s going a bit better with you as you can see Table Mountain.


Question 1: How is it going with this record attempt of yours?

Shaun: A bit stressful but going well thank you.

Question 2: It’s probably a very complicated process?

Question 3: So you had to get as many writers as possible to contribute to this anthology of short stories. How many did you need?

Question 4: And how many have you sold?

Question 5: Fantastic. So can our listeners also obtain copies and help to realise this record attempt?

Question 6: How does one go about doing that?

Question 7: And what type of stories is contained within the book?

Question 8: Oh that’s awesome. It’s actually a very good christmas present for someone who really enjoys reading.

Question 9: So one can buy it online at celenicearthpublications.wordpress.com, is that right?

Question 10: And then once you order it, is it delivered or how does it work?

Question 11: Shaun, as soon as you have broken this record please let us know. We would definitely love to chat to you again


Keep us updated. Thank you Shaun. Goodbye.

That was Shaun M Jooste, he is the owner of Celenic Earth Publications. You can buy this book of 108 writers online right now, celenicearthpublications.wordpress.com . Wow! We hope they will break this record; they must sell 1000 copies so that the record can be verified.


And that was our awesome radio interview. And in case you missed it, you can click on the book image below to read more about our anthology, or click on the yellow button to order a copy now and help us break the world record.



Buy button


Kind regards

Shaun M Jooste

Director: Celenic Earth Publications