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Celenic Earth Publications is Officially Registered and Branching Out

When we started Celenic Earth Publications in 2016, it was simply a mechanism whereby we could publish our own novels on Amazon and Smashwords. It was nothing but a publishing label used to create agreements with these partners. In terms of the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC), the South African authority on company registrations:

It is not necessary for all businesses to formalise by registering with the CIPC. For some businesses, such as informal businesses and sole proprietors, there may not be sufficient benefits.

However, CEP is growing. We are extending to publishing beyond novels, and as such the time has come to formalise the company. In many instances, a company has to be registered formally to do business with certain institutes, such as PlayStation or a financial bank. And since we are now going to be growing to publishing more than just books, we are now ready to branch out.



We are now formally registered as Private Company, Celenic Earth Publications (Pty) Ltd. The CEO of the company is Shaun M Jooste, the founder of the company. The company is officially recognised by the CIPC, the South African Revenue Services, and Financial Banking Institutions.



Here is perhaps the biggest news, apart from the official registration of CEP. New divisions have been created within CEP, and as such these divisions will receive their own brands, logos, Business Plans, missions, visions and strategies. They will all be aligned to the parent company, CEP, but expect each division to be trading independently. There will only be one website for CEP, but all divisions will be featured here on separate pages.

Celenic Earth Publishers


This is the Book and Novel Division of Celenic Earth Publications. This division will continue to publish novels and anthologies as we have been this year and is hoping to expand further the rest of the year evolves. We will soon be setting different publishing packages available to writers, that focuses more on income from royalties earned than upfront payment.

Celenic Earth Comics


The Comics / Graphic Novel division seeks less to establish new brand name comics and more to branch out current merchandise into the graphic novel arena. This means creating graphic novels for books we have already published or for games we have helped developed, like Celenic Earth Chronicles or Antreya Chronicles. It will help us expand our library and tell our stories a different way.

Celenic Independent Press


Last year we started an online newsletter called Celenic Earth Newsletter. It slowly died away, but there is a rising interest in South Africa with everything to do with writing and how to become published. This division will looking at establishing local magazines catering towards wannabe writers, guiding them with tips and promoting writing opportunities around the world through advertising. This may start off as a digital magazine, but we may grow to publishing it in print format for local book and coffee shops.

Celenic Game Studios


As you may have noticed lately, we’ve been partnering with many game development companies, specifically as it related to writing announcements for them on The Pulse Entertainment or providing writing talent. We are now in a position to publish games, and have already submitted requests to PlayStation, Xbox / Windows and Steam to become game publishing partners. This was one of the things we specifically needed a company registration number for. We will now be strengthening our game development partnerships with opportunities to publish their games for them.

Celenic Film Enterprise


This division is focused on assisting screenwriters getting their scripts recognised and produced, as well as obtaining further opportunities for them. We’re networking with film production companies now and are hoping that this will create strong business relationships with local and international talent, whether in the writing or performance fields. We’ve also made contact with Netflix and Amazon Studios for screenwriting and film production opportunities.

Celenic Music Records


Our music studio will focus on creating content and soundtracks for some of our merchandise, whether it be for our films, books or games. The publishing platforms are already available and we have been experimenting with creating our debut Silent Hill: Betrayal soundtrack. Hopefully we can attract more talent in this regard, specifically newbies or veterans in the field waiting to be recognised.


Of course, there are internal divisions which will help us manage this all, such as marketing, strategy, organisational development, HR and finance, to name a few. As the company grows in profits and earnings, so will the size of the company. And the stronger we grow, the better service we can deliver to everyone out there who wants to bring their talents to the world, and have not had a chance to do so as yet.

It should go without saying that all of this will not happen overnight. This will take months and months and years of planning, research, establishing connections and building strong bridges. And training training training. But… it is a step in the right direction…

Expect MAJOR changes and announcements to this site for the year to come.


Guinness World Records Approves CEP’s attempt at an Anthology Record!!

We have some fantastic news!! In April, we put in a request for an attempt at a World Record for the Most authors contributing to an anthology of short stories. Yesterday, we were informed by GWR that the request has been approved and that we may proceed in our attempt to break the current record of 50 writers.

Not wanting to leave any chance for someone to beat us soon after our victory, we have set the bar at 100 writers, although we can obtain more than that if possible. 100 is just the minimum for our record.

In order for us to officially break this record, we need to do a live event here in South Africa on the day that we attain the record. This means that we will be doing some live photography and filming. We are busy in negotiations for a location for the event, but all details will be announced once it is officially established. The GWR have also offered to have an official GWR adjudicator available at the event.

We are also in discussions with our partners for some sponsorship towards the events, so we are hoping to have some of their merchandise available at the site. The next few weeks will be spent meeting with local newspapers and radio stations to officially cover the event.

At the moment as this article is being written, the second day after the request was approved, we already have 33 writers in our official closed FB group meant only for the record writers. We also have a separate official facebook page for the event.

If you would like to be part of this record breaking achievement, please let us know in the comments on this site, on the official twitter feed, or on the facebook page. The story can be any genre or theme, as long as it is between 3000 and 8000 words, and only one story per author. The deadline for final submission is 31 August 2017. You need to be part of the Facebook group to be accepted as an official writer for this anthology where all details and info are managed.


Call for Short Story Writers: LGBT & Erotica

In keeping with our 2017 Anthology Schedule, we have two new anthologies coming up for September. We will be accepting 15 writers on a first come, first serve basis and adding you to our Anthology Closed Facebook Group. Word limits are between 5 and 10k, and the deadline is 31 August 2017.


CEA Within the Pride backdrop.jpg


This will be the LGBT anthology, featuring stories written by members in the LGBT community as well as those in support of them.




This will be our erotica anthology, which we have surprisingly received quite a few requests for. We suspect this one will do quite well among our readers.

So for any that wish to submit a request to join any of these anthologies, please email us or send us a comment or message on our facebook page.





New Partners Update: Card Chronicles and Scotia Gaming

It appears as though word of our partnerships with indie games is spreading fast. As per our last post on our new partners, Dean Clark, one of our anthology writers and author of Hegis’ Grasp, works with and writes for two of our current partners. These are Antreya Studios and Salty Goal Productions.

Dean’s had a word with some other game companies he is working with, and they are also eager to join Celenic Earth Publications as partners. Here are the details of this fantastic new partners.


Devil's Peek
Facebook  Twitter

Card Chronicles is a mobile fantasy card game in which you’ll traverse various regions, take part in an epic story and put your wits to the test against a diverse range of opponents in this action packed, strategic card battle game. Choose your creatures, execute your strategies and conquer your enemies!



Scotia Gaming
Facebook  Twitter Youtube

Welcome to the official page of Scotia Gaming’s up coming Next Gen game East Coast Nightmares. The Game will be released in 2018 on Steam and Consoles.


Celenic Earth Publications will be keeping close tabs on these partners, making sure any announcements, interviews and reviews get released on The Pulse Entertainment  by author Shaun M Jooste as the Head of their Gaming Division. Any books released for their games will also be accepted for publishing.



CEA Past your Reality Fantasy Anthology Released on Ebook and Paperback Platforms

Our debut fantasy anthology has finally been released!! Five writers worked hard the last month and a half to bring the stories to you, and we have finally been able to publish it this weekend.

The Anthology is available on our official distribution platforms, which can be viewed on the CEA Past your Reality page. Thank you to Pragashnie Naidoo for her fantastic preview review on Pulse Entertainment UK.

If you will recall, we ran a competition for followers to win free digital copies of this anthology. We are pleased to announce that Andi Hodgetts was once again the ultimate winner of this prize! Thank you for following, sharing and liking our pages and posts! Your hard work is again appreciated. You will be receiving your free ebook copy soon.



For those of you who have been paying close attention, KEYSTONE GAMES has been hitting the spotlight very quickly lately. And it’s not really a surprise either. A few weeks ago they announced their launch, indicating that they would be partnering with game development companies to make games that creates profits for the disabled and less fortunate.

Since then, a whole host of massive announcements were made. One of them was that actor Warwick Davis joined their cast of voice actors for one of the upcoming 5 games they are busy developing, namely Homicide Detective. You may know him as the loveable Ewok Wicket, Filius Flitwick from the Harry Potter franchise, Willow Ufgood in the classic Ron Howard fantasy film Willow and the voice of Rukh in the upcoming season 4 of Star Wars: Rebels.

One of our authors and owner of Celenic Earth Publications, Shaun M Jooste, has been keeping close tabs on the company, including an interview with COO Jane Whittaker and some exclusive reveals for Homicide Detective on The Pulse Entertainment. Shaun also did an announcement editorial on Keystone Games on GameTyrant.  He will be following this up with an interview with the Head of Art for Keystone, Katie Bailey.

The relationship and networking has progressed to such a stage that we are proud to announce that Celenic Earth Publications and Keystone Games have become partners. What this means is that CEP and Keystone will be working close together from now on to present the latest news of upcoming books and games. There is also a strong possibility of CEP becoming a publisher of any books based on the games, as well as lending writing talent from CEP authors to game writing and development.

And the first opportunity has already presented itself! One of our CEA Through the Dark Volume 1 Horror Anthology writers, Andi Hodgetts, has officially been signed up as an actor for Homicide Detective, as well as possible future games! We cannot tell you just how proud this makes us to have one of our own acting in future AAA titles that will be published by Keystone Games.

Of course, there is no rest for the productive. CEP and Keystone have been in a flurry of discussions this week over further opportunities. There has been some severe brainstorming, with lists of potential opportunities presenting themselves, but we cannot announce any of it just yet. Once all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed, and Keystone makes the announcements publicly themselves, we will definitely be presenting the news too you!

This is just the first step in propelling Celenic Earth Publications into the future, and cross-networking across different platforms and not only books! Watch this space very carefully.




Celenic Earth Publications Expands its Publishing Wings on Social Media

As promised, Celenic Earth Publications has established itself on various social media platforms, starting with those that directly share blog posts, such as this one, on them. This will help us to effectively and efficiently get the word out as quickly as possible on new projects and releases without having to repeat ourselves a hundred times over.

You may notice that we treat Facebook very differently when it comes to the Anthologies. Where we have separate pages for each anthology series and our new publishing page, all the other accounts only have one account to deal with all announcements. The only other exception is Twitter, where we have one account for anthologies and one account for publishing.

This may seem odd to the casual outsider, but it helps us streamline news that is simply for the anthologies and any other author publishing news we may want to share. It’s a case of keeping everything structured so that those who simply want to follow the horror anthology on facebook may do so, while granting those who want all the CEP news the chance to do so without missing out. It’s all about reaching the right target audience without annoying those who seek a specific demand.

Here are the social media links for Celenic Earth Publications, which will be put on the actual home site at the bottom shortly. If there are any other social media sites you would like to receive news on, please let me know and I will do my best to make it happen.

facebook.png  twitter.png  google.png  linkedin.jpg  tumblr.png  path  email.png



Celenic Earth Publications and Silent Hill: Betrayal available as paperback and digital

Here is some news for those of you who are not aware as yet: Author Shaun M Jooste’s books are available as paperback and digital on popular distribution platforms. Here are the details below:


For international sales, the paperback is still only available on Amazon. This has created the best experience for reader, and international libraries can purchase the books from CreateSpace as well, making it therefore more available in actual bookshops. Locally, the novels are available at Groep 7 Drukkers and also on Loot. Investigating into further distribution agreements with Takealot and Exclusive Books is currently underway.

download.png   download-1.png    11209433_10153393929599683_6110463266527612702_n

Please note, that the link for Amazon above is the .com site, but you can search any online Amazon closest to you. Also, the above only indicates the agents we have distribution agreements with: you may even find the paperbacks listed on others, such as Barnes & Noble.


The increased distribution applies more to digital than paperback. we have managed to setup online profiles so that the ebook is available to as many channels as possible. This has opened up a whole new distribution world for Celenic Earth Publications and has made these ebooks available to almost every ebook online sales platform you could think of. These are the channels currently listed as our ebook distribution partners:

download  download.jpg  images  download (1).jpg  ibook-logo.jpg  images (1)  bakertaylor_logo.png  images (2).jpg  download (2).jpg  gardners1-720x5291.jpg  download (3).jpg  download (4)

Once again, you may find these ebooks on other sites, but these are the official channels. If we have not included a link to any of the icons above, it is because the books can be purchased direct from your device or if you are subscribed to their service.

Yours in publishing,

Celenic Earth Publications

Press Room: https://pressroom.prlog.org/celenicearth/

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