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Author Lynette Greenfield’s Radio Interview, Lulu Guest Blog Interview and So Much More!


Australian Lynette Greenfield is really rising in the author ranks. She has had very busy months, from the American Book Expo, to announcing a film being adapted from her latest novel, and now several interviews taking place after each other. She has been offered a chance to be a guest blogger on Lulu itself.

One of the interviews was on the Lulu Blog, which you can read right here. Lynette opens up about several topics, such as where she finds the time to write while being a wife and mom, her involvement with the Guinness World Record Anthology  that we launched yesterday, her work with musicians and artists, and her teaching with disability kids.

As a special treat, Lynette has approved Celenic Earth Publications streaming her interview with American radio station, Paperback Radio. We are therefore proud to bring you this interview here below. Lynette has also made a video with images of the interview if you’d prefer, which we’ve placed beneath the radio stream below.

We hope you enjoy it and learn a lot more about this wonderful author and what is still to come.



Shaun M Jooste

Director: Celenic Earth Publications