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Guinness World Records Approves CEP’s attempt at an Anthology Record!!

We have some fantastic news!! In April, we put in a request for an attempt at a World Record for the Most authors contributing to an anthology of short stories. Yesterday, we were informed by GWR that the request has been approved and that we may proceed in our attempt to break the current record of 50 writers.

Not wanting to leave any chance for someone to beat us soon after our victory, we have set the bar at 100 writers, although we can obtain more than that if possible. 100 is just the minimum for our record.

In order for us to officially break this record, we need to do a live event here in South Africa on the day that we attain the record. This means that we will be doing some live photography and filming. We are busy in negotiations for a location for the event, but all details will be announced once it is officially established. The GWR have also offered to have an official GWR adjudicator available at the event.

We are also in discussions with our partners for some sponsorship towards the events, so we are hoping to have some of their merchandise available at the site. The next few weeks will be spent meeting with local newspapers and radio stations to officially cover the event.

At the moment as this article is being written, the second day after the request was approved, we already have 33 writers in our official closed FB group meant only for the record writers. We also have a separate official facebook page for the event.

If you would like to be part of this record breaking achievement, please let us know in the comments on this site, on the official twitter feed, or on the facebook page. The story can be any genre or theme, as long as it is between 3000 and 8000 words, and only one story per author. The deadline for final submission is 31 August 2017. You need to be part of the Facebook group to be accepted as an official writer for this anthology where all details and info are managed.