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Graphic Artist Gwozdansky Signed On For Upcoming Designs and Art Collections

Celenic Earth Publications has some wonderful news. Through our work in several projects that we are involved in, we always meet wonderful talent. We’ve been in discussions with graphical artist, Gwozdansky, currently concept artist for upcoming MMORPG Antreya Chronicles Online by Antreya Publishing.


Gwozdansky has shown exceptional graphical skill, and we believe his work can be placed within volumes of artbook collections. Not only do we want to show off his marvelous talent to the world in some product ideas we have lined up, but we want to include him in possible future comics, games or novels that he may be interested in being involved in.

First on the list is a graphical bestiary for Shaun M Jooste’s Silent Hill novels. We are hoping Gwozdansky will be able to bring the horror creatures from the novels to artistic life, which we will bring you news on when the time is right. There are many other projects too that we are excited to include Gwozdansky in, which we’d prefer not to mention at this time.

Here’s is a small bio of Gwozdansky:

Gwozdansky is a 2D artist situated in Zadar, Croatia. He graduated in Fine Arts at the Academy of Split as an Art historian and Professor of Fine Arts. He is working as an Art teacher in three elementary schools. He likes to design characters and weapons (mostly in medieval, martial arts and fantasy style). He draws traditionally, using pencils, ink and acrylic as his favourite tool. He is also a professional jewellery maker (specialized for bead embroidery, peyote patterns and bead waving). He is good at calligraphy, Illuminated lettering, ornament designs and various pattern making.

So watch this space for more news on Gwozdansky work in time to come.