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Another year comes to an end. This year went by very quickly, and we didn’t get to everything we set out to do. So many things happened it was hard to keep up with it all. When we say we are ready for these December holidays, it is an understatement.

Celenic Earth Publications will be officially closing during the December holiday period from 13 December 2019 to 13 January 2020. This does not mean that work comes to a complete standstill. We will still be making use of the holiday madness to market and sell our books. The online world doesn’t come to an end. As a matter of fact it just increases.

We will also be enlarging our network overseas. This year we have managed to obtain printers in the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand who help us to distribute our books in those areas. In South Africa we already have distributors, since this is where we are based. Our latest victory is in China (Hong Kong specifically), where we have just recently established an agreement to have books printed and sold there.

Of course, with our online distributors we can practically send our books anywhere on the planet, but it helps having these connections in those countries.

So, if we’re still technically keep the sales and networking going, what does the downtime mean? Well, we won’t be working on any of our clients’ books, such as editing and publishing. You will still be able to submit requests to be published through our portal, and email us , but chances are low that we will be attending to them until January 2020.

We’ve already started closing down, just tying up loose ends before we close down completely. We’ll be preparing for next year, getting ready for the next anthologies and authors that we will be signing up. We’ll be trying to get a better footprint in the screenwriting arena, while seeing how much more we can get involved with game publishing and writing.

Our gaming news studio, AIR Entertainment, will continue to stream gaming news and reviews as they become available. So make sure you follow that site to be kept up-to-date with the latest.

And so with that, we want to wish you a wonderful holiday period. If any big news breaks out from us, we will be sure to post about it. Here’s looking forward to a better 2020.

It’s a New Year, and Our Publishing Site has a New Look!

Welcome to 2019!! And welcome to our new website!

We’ve been threatening to redo our website ever since we expanded our business model last year. We moved from simply publishing books to, well, so much more. Our site still only showed books that we published, and much of what we had taken on as a company was lost to the audience.

Well, no more…

As you can see by our menu bar, we do so much more than publishing books now. We have spread across much of the writing industry, incorporating other entertainment media such as games, movies, music, and also included writing news, opportunities and training.

You may think that we have taken on so much more, but we’ve actually been managing all these divisions over the last year. All we have done is increased efficiency by bringing it all together and managing it under one roof.

Our home page explains everything we do now, but for ease of reference, here are our branches within Celenic Earth Publications:

  • Celenic Book Publishers: publication of novels, novelettes and short story anthologies, mainly fiction, as well as adaptation of games or movies into books.
  • Celenic Game Studios: partnering with game developers to supply writers for game stories, as well as adaptation of novels or movies into games. CGS also releases news on games and the gaming industry, namely on AIR Entertainment.
  • Celenic Film Studios: partnering with movie producers to supply screenwriters for film scripts, as well as adaptation of novels or games into films.
  • Celenic Music Studios: partnering with music producers to supply lyrical writers for songs, as well as integration of music into films and games through our partners.
  • Celenic Comic Central: publication of comic books, comic strips for magazines and newspapers, and celebrating comic developers around the world.
  • Celenic News Publishers: key focus on news with regards to writers and the writing industry, with a focus on newsletters and magazines.
  • Author Mentor Studios: training writers and developing their skills further.


Feel free to browse our website. We will be updating our social media in the next few days to incorporate all our branches, as well as releasing new logos for our new brands, so watch our for news on that.

Final note: We are aware that the site may not spread over the width of computer screens at the moment, but our techies are on it!

Neon Sword Cyberpunk Role-Playing Game is Live on Kickstarter


Good morning followers

You must be wondering why I am posting about a game on my author’s blog and not just keeping it on AIR Entertainment or Steemit.

Well, that is because I am very much involved with the game as a writer and a voice actor. I have been working on some short stories for the game’s website. I am also pretty excited to get started on some novels based on the game’s lore.

One thing at a time though. For now, we are focusing on the Kickstarter campaign that has been setup. The funds will help push through the final stages of development and towards publishing the game, first on PC and then hopefully on console.

Here’s a small write-up of the game:

“Neon Sword is an open world 3rd person top down action roleplay game with elements of business simulation. The non-linear story has multiple choices that effect the world around you leading you down many paths; the person you become is shaped by your decisions made within the game.

Another crime goes unsolved in the city that is the cesspit of humanity! Well, not if you have any say in the matter as you start a personal crusade of revenge. Are you the hunter or the hunted? You will turn Quaid City upside down hosing the streets clean of the human vermin that infest the dark shadows out of the neon glare. Shape the destiny of Quaid City.

Do you use commerce or violence as your weapons of choice? Purchase and manage businesses to get on the property ladder and build your income. Manage a deep and vibrant economy in a dynamic world that evolves around your every action. Strive to bring order to a city in the depths of despair. Will you be businessman or the ultimate bounty hunter? Customizing your character for the perfect kill with scores of weapons, skills and accessories that allow you to bring swift justice to the factions that stand between you and sweet revenge.

The time has come to wield the Neon Sword.”

Very exciting indeed. I cannot wait for you all to try this game out. The lore is kind extensive, which led me to writing the short stories and novels in the first place. I am just grateful that PeaHead Games gave me this opportunity.

I will keep you updated on the game and story development. For now, please visit the Kickstarter page. Here is the video for the event.

Warm Regards

The Count of Celenic Earth




Graphic Artist Gwozdansky Signed On For Upcoming Designs and Art Collections

Celenic Earth Publications has some wonderful news. Through our work in several projects that we are involved in, we always meet wonderful talent. We’ve been in discussions with graphical artist, Gwozdansky, currently concept artist for upcoming MMORPG Antreya Chronicles Online by Antreya Publishing.


Gwozdansky has shown exceptional graphical skill, and we believe his work can be placed within volumes of artbook collections. Not only do we want to show off his marvelous talent to the world in some product ideas we have lined up, but we want to include him in possible future comics, games or novels that he may be interested in being involved in.

First on the list is a graphical bestiary for Shaun M Jooste’s Silent Hill novels. We are hoping Gwozdansky will be able to bring the horror creatures from the novels to artistic life, which we will bring you news on when the time is right. There are many other projects too that we are excited to include Gwozdansky in, which we’d prefer not to mention at this time.

Here’s is a small bio of Gwozdansky:

Gwozdansky is a 2D artist situated in Zadar, Croatia. He graduated in Fine Arts at the Academy of Split as an Art historian and Professor of Fine Arts. He is working as an Art teacher in three elementary schools. He likes to design characters and weapons (mostly in medieval, martial arts and fantasy style). He draws traditionally, using pencils, ink and acrylic as his favourite tool. He is also a professional jewellery maker (specialized for bead embroidery, peyote patterns and bead waving). He is good at calligraphy, Illuminated lettering, ornament designs and various pattern making.

So watch this space for more news on Gwozdansky work in time to come.




Guinness World Record Anthology Official Cape Town Launch Event: 14 October 2017

After a successful meeting with our local Exclusive Books store at Canal Walk shopping centre, Cape Town, we can finally inform you that the official launch of our Guinness World Record Anthology, CEA Greatest Anthology Written, is set for 14 October 2017, 11am.

As the Exclusive Books chain operates as a franchise, we could not obtain an agreement for the Volume to launch throughout the country’s stores. However, we are currently investigating getting Western Cape branches involved to make the volume available throughout the City of Cape Town. I have been informed that potential buyers can ask other branches for the Volume, who will then request Celenic Earth Publications to provide them with stock if the demand is high enough.

The international launch will be also be on 14 October 2017 through our normal chain of distributors as indicated below:


download  download.jpg  images  download (1).jpg  ibook-logo.jpg  images (1)  bakertaylor_logo.png  images (2).jpg  download (2).jpg  gardners1-720x5291.jpg  download (3).jpg  download (4)


createspace-squarelogo2.png  download.png  images  ;oot.jpg  download (1).png


Those who are able to make the launch event at Canal Walk and have pre-ordered will be able to collect their paperback copies at the event. It is to be noted that the copies that will be for sale at the event will cost more due to standard commercial markups costs, while we try and minimise the retail price as much as possible. You can still pre-order copies through our site as below.


New Project (2)

We hope to see as many of you at the event as possible. Expect to see television, newspaper and radio announcements for the event and advertising in the shopping centre itself in the weeks leading up to the event.


Kind regards

Shaun M Jooste

Director: Celenic Earth Publications

Celenic Game Studios establishes Gaming News Site: A.I.R. Entertainment

In line with staying on top of what is happening in the gaming industry, we have decided to start our own gaming news site. We will be doing (A)nnouncements, (I)nterviews and (R)eviews with game developers and publishing, basically anyone involved in the industry. We have a small group of gaming writers bringing you the latest news, and you can see what we are up to on the new site, which you can visit by clicking the image below:


The site is still small for now, but we will be growing quickly as we already have a hand in the gaming industry and have received some free review keys for games that have recently been released. We have also aligned with GameTyrant as our brothers in the gaming news industry, and will be focusing on their GT Tournaments and any specific announcements they might have.

So watch this space carefully as we bring you the best there is to offer in the gaming kingdom. You can also visit the Facebook page and Twitter feed.



Celenic Earth Publications is Officially Registered and Branching Out

When we started Celenic Earth Publications in 2016, it was simply a mechanism whereby we could publish our own novels on Amazon and Smashwords. It was nothing but a publishing label used to create agreements with these partners. In terms of the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC), the South African authority on company registrations:

It is not necessary for all businesses to formalise by registering with the CIPC. For some businesses, such as informal businesses and sole proprietors, there may not be sufficient benefits.

However, CEP is growing. We are extending to publishing beyond novels, and as such the time has come to formalise the company. In many instances, a company has to be registered formally to do business with certain institutes, such as PlayStation or a financial bank. And since we are now going to be growing to publishing more than just books, we are now ready to branch out.



We are now formally registered as Private Company, Celenic Earth Publications (Pty) Ltd. The CEO of the company is Shaun M Jooste, the founder of the company. The company is officially recognised by the CIPC, the South African Revenue Services, and Financial Banking Institutions.



Here is perhaps the biggest news, apart from the official registration of CEP. New divisions have been created within CEP, and as such these divisions will receive their own brands, logos, Business Plans, missions, visions and strategies. They will all be aligned to the parent company, CEP, but expect each division to be trading independently. There will only be one website for CEP, but all divisions will be featured here on separate pages.

Celenic Earth Publishers


This is the Book and Novel Division of Celenic Earth Publications. This division will continue to publish novels and anthologies as we have been this year and is hoping to expand further the rest of the year evolves. We will soon be setting different publishing packages available to writers, that focuses more on income from royalties earned than upfront payment.

Celenic Earth Comics


The Comics / Graphic Novel division seeks less to establish new brand name comics and more to branch out current merchandise into the graphic novel arena. This means creating graphic novels for books we have already published or for games we have helped developed, like Celenic Earth Chronicles or Antreya Chronicles. It will help us expand our library and tell our stories a different way.

Celenic Independent Press


Last year we started an online newsletter called Celenic Earth Newsletter. It slowly died away, but there is a rising interest in South Africa with everything to do with writing and how to become published. This division will looking at establishing local magazines catering towards wannabe writers, guiding them with tips and promoting writing opportunities around the world through advertising. This may start off as a digital magazine, but we may grow to publishing it in print format for local book and coffee shops.

Celenic Game Studios


As you may have noticed lately, we’ve been partnering with many game development companies, specifically as it related to writing announcements for them on The Pulse Entertainment or providing writing talent. We are now in a position to publish games, and have already submitted requests to PlayStation, Xbox / Windows and Steam to become game publishing partners. This was one of the things we specifically needed a company registration number for. We will now be strengthening our game development partnerships with opportunities to publish their games for them.

Celenic Film Enterprise


This division is focused on assisting screenwriters getting their scripts recognised and produced, as well as obtaining further opportunities for them. We’re networking with film production companies now and are hoping that this will create strong business relationships with local and international talent, whether in the writing or performance fields. We’ve also made contact with Netflix and Amazon Studios for screenwriting and film production opportunities.

Celenic Music Records


Our music studio will focus on creating content and soundtracks for some of our merchandise, whether it be for our films, books or games. The publishing platforms are already available and we have been experimenting with creating our debut Silent Hill: Betrayal soundtrack. Hopefully we can attract more talent in this regard, specifically newbies or veterans in the field waiting to be recognised.


Of course, there are internal divisions which will help us manage this all, such as marketing, strategy, organisational development, HR and finance, to name a few. As the company grows in profits and earnings, so will the size of the company. And the stronger we grow, the better service we can deliver to everyone out there who wants to bring their talents to the world, and have not had a chance to do so as yet.

It should go without saying that all of this will not happen overnight. This will take months and months and years of planning, research, establishing connections and building strong bridges. And training training training. But… it is a step in the right direction…

Expect MAJOR changes and announcements to this site for the year to come.


New Partners Update: Card Chronicles and Scotia Gaming

It appears as though word of our partnerships with indie games is spreading fast. As per our last post on our new partners, Dean Clark, one of our anthology writers and author of Hegis’ Grasp, works with and writes for two of our current partners. These are Antreya Studios and Salty Goal Productions.

Dean’s had a word with some other game companies he is working with, and they are also eager to join Celenic Earth Publications as partners. Here are the details of this fantastic new partners.


Devil's Peek
Facebook  Twitter

Card Chronicles is a mobile fantasy card game in which you’ll traverse various regions, take part in an epic story and put your wits to the test against a diverse range of opponents in this action packed, strategic card battle game. Choose your creatures, execute your strategies and conquer your enemies!



Scotia Gaming
Facebook  Twitter Youtube

Welcome to the official page of Scotia Gaming’s up coming Next Gen game East Coast Nightmares. The Game will be released in 2018 on Steam and Consoles.


Celenic Earth Publications will be keeping close tabs on these partners, making sure any announcements, interviews and reviews get released on The Pulse Entertainment  by author Shaun M Jooste as the Head of their Gaming Division. Any books released for their games will also be accepted for publishing.



We’ve got some new Entertainment Partners, and We’d like to Show Them Off

This last week we’ve been establishing some proper partnerships with some organisations we’ve been having some dealings with. This network has been steadily growing in the last month, but some things have been cast in solid stone.

Far be it from us to keep silent on the matter, especially when we find this new venture rather exciting. So here’s a bit of an introduction to all of them.


Pulse Entertainment
facebook.png  twitter.png

The Pulse Entertainment {TPE} presents news, reviews and interviews of anything in the entertainment industry, such as games, movies, books, music, anime, etc. Currently we have four of our authors from our Anthologies writing for TPE, namely Shaun M Jooste, Andi Hodgetts, Wesley Jade, Pragashnie Naidoo and Sarah Beth James, the last of which actually owns TPE.

Any literary news that Celenic Earth Publications {CEP} has to share will also be announced on and shared by TPE, and any CEP writers will have a chance to write for TPE should they pass the audition. They will also be looking for further opportunities in the industry to grow together, many of which have already been realised.


Keystone Games
Facebook  Twitter Instagram

Keystone Games is a developer of AAA games which has launched recently. The profits from their games go to the disabled and less fortunate, and are even staffed by those with disabilities. You can see an interview done by Pulse Entertainment that explains more of what they do.

CEP and TPE have both partnered with Keystone, which have already yielded some results. TPE have been privy to some new game reveals, which were announced on the site, and author Shaun Jooste has done some interviews with Keystone and made some leads with their game developers. Andi Hodgetts has been signed on as an actor for one of the games, Homicide Detective, and negotiations are underway for Jooste also to become involved with the team as a writer. We hope for much more to come in the near future, but more detail cannot be released at this point.


Antreya Studios
Facebook  Twitter Steam

Antreya Studios is busing developing a MMORPG game called Antreya Chronicles, which will be vast in terms of the world presented to online players as well as the ability to customise characters and skills. Our author Shaun Jooste has also been involved with interviewing the lead members of the Antreya team for TPE, which has been gaining an incredible amount of views of Facebook and Twitter.

Both anthology authors Dean Clark and Jooste are writers for Antreya Chronicles, focusing on the lore, main plot, character descriptions and side quests for the game. CEP has agreed to be the main publisher of future game books and novel spin-offs for Antreya Chronicles, as well as a special surprise which we will announce when the time is appropriate.


Salty Goal Productions
Facebook  Twitter Steam Youtube

Salty Goal Productions is also a game developer, with a game that has been Steam greenlit for further development. Hegis’ Grasp is not only a horror game soon to be released, but the gamebook has been written by Dean Clark and published by CEP.

We’re looking forward to this business relationship with SGP, hoping it will bring more opportunities for books to be written and published. We will be announcing any further news for the release of games on TPE and books on CEP. Here is a trailer for the upcoming game, which is for adults only.


Deep Blue Games
Facebook  Twitter Youtube

Deep Blue Games has been developing some games for a while now, and their main focus is their upcoming game, WerWolf. Shaun Jooste has taken to interviewing them for GameTyrant and has such a keen interest in the game.

As with SGP, we will be keeping up any news for their work to be announced on TPE and are hoping to publish any novel adaptations for them. Here is a trailer for the upcoming WerWolf.


Devil's Peek
Facebook  Twitter Instagram Youtube

Devil’s Peek Games has a special place in the CEP heart. Both of us are based in Cape Town, South Africa. When Shaun Jooste interviewed DPG for TPE, discovering that they had developed Puzzleverse that would be published by Keystone, he realised that they were based almost around the corner from CEP.

We will continue to watch DPG for further announcements to be made on TPE, while keeping our doors open for literary writing and publishing opportunities. Here is a sneak peek of their upcoming Puzzleverse.

And that’s it from us for now on our partners, although discussions are currently underway with other potential partners, one which will help get our foot in the screenwriting industry for films.