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Graphic Artist Gwozdansky Signed On For Upcoming Designs and Art Collections

Celenic Earth Publications has some wonderful news. Through our work in several projects that we are involved in, we always meet wonderful talent. We’ve been in discussions with graphical artist, Gwozdansky, currently concept artist for upcoming MMORPG Antreya Chronicles Online by Antreya Publishing.


Gwozdansky has shown exceptional graphical skill, and we believe his work can be placed within volumes of artbook collections. Not only do we want to show off his marvelous talent to the world in some product ideas we have lined up, but we want to include him in possible future comics, games or novels that he may be interested in being involved in.

First on the list is a graphical bestiary for Shaun M Jooste’s Silent Hill novels. We are hoping Gwozdansky will be able to bring the horror creatures from the novels to artistic life, which we will bring you news on when the time is right. There are many other projects too that we are excited to include Gwozdansky in, which we’d prefer not to mention at this time.

Here’s is a small bio of Gwozdansky:

Gwozdansky is a 2D artist situated in Zadar, Croatia. He graduated in Fine Arts at the Academy of Split as an Art historian and Professor of Fine Arts. He is working as an Art teacher in three elementary schools. He likes to design characters and weapons (mostly in medieval, martial arts and fantasy style). He draws traditionally, using pencils, ink and acrylic as his favourite tool. He is also a professional jewellery maker (specialized for bead embroidery, peyote patterns and bead waving). He is good at calligraphy, Illuminated lettering, ornament designs and various pattern making.

So watch this space for more news on Gwozdansky work in time to come.




Major Site Revamp, Anthology Submissions, and Other Changes coming soon

Earlier in June this year, when we were still young and innocent, we set out an anthology schedule that we were determined to stick to. If we had followed that, we would have had seven anthologies published by now, which would have included the anthologies for crime, hardboiled noir, Writers without Boundaries #2, Erotica, LGBT, CEA Through the Dark #2 and a special Halloween anthology.

And then the Guinness World Record attempt was approved in July and all that changed. Our primary focus changed to finding 100 writers, accepting all the stories and getting everything ready to publish.

Further to that, we shifted from a publishing label to a registered publishing company , the difference of which is all finely spelt out in our country’s Company Registration Act and which we will not get into here. But what that meant for us was that we could branch out to other divisions, and not just focus on books, although very soon you will see that all our divisions are still primarily focussed on our books, whether they be adaptations or soundtracks to accompany our books or movies.

Celenic Game Studios was the first branch in CEP to effectively start up, even though we have yet to give it a presence on the internet. The media and press section of CGS was the first to be established, and AIR Entertainment was born, with actor, writer, guitarist and singer (to name a few talents) Andi Hodgetts owning and running this section with actor, writer, guitarist and singer (to name a few talents) Shaun M Jooste.

Celenic Game Studios has also partnered with Salty Goal Productions to start developing games in the future, while we also were approved to develop games for various platforms such as Steam, Unity, Android, PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox. These of course are all in preparation for things to come, as our sole focus was still the Guinness World Record.

AIR Entertainment in itself has been established successfully, growing quicker than any of us could have expected. The team and site are approved media contacts for many game developers and publishers, some of which only accept elite news sites. Developers brandish the team with game review codes for various platforms quite readily now, and AIR has been approved for its own Reddit community and a featured presence on Feedly.

And all this during a trying time when the main focus was a world record. Which means that, now that the anthology is published, we can shift more focus to our other divisions and put some things into place. And the first of these is a major website revamp. This site will play host to all the divisions, which means we have to change how posts are presented completely. We want to register this site with its own domain soon, hopefully by the end of November, which is why we want all the divisions available in one site.

You will not recognise this site when it is all done.

And when this site is done, you will see the strong community we are building, where book writers can get involved with games, or game writers can get involved with film, or novels get turned into films or games, etc. 2018 really looks promising right now.



We mentioned earlier that we had presented a schedule of anthologies to be published. We are changing our strategy slightly. Instead of booking anthologies for months to come, hoping to meet our own deadlines, we are simply going to have an open call for all 2018 anthologies soon. It will be open until such time that we have obtained sufficient writers per anthology (aiming for at least 10 per volume), upon which time we will set deadlines and then decide on publishing dates. We would still like to ensure at least 1 anthology a month to be published, but we will rather wait until we have our writers tied in and stories submitted before we agree to anything.

Having said that, even though calls will be open for writers to select which anthologies they would like to write for, we will not be publishing any further anthologies for the rest of 2017. We’ve had a good start for a publishing company that has only started up, and now is the time to start planning properly for next year.

So watch our posts for the next few days. A new site, the opening of all anthologies, and also a new writer that will be signing up with us for a new trilogy he is writing…. very exciting times ahead.


Kind regards

Shaun M Jooste

Director: Celenic Earth Publications