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Celenic Earth Publications Goes Crypto With New Crypto Currency Market Listings

It has always been a big dream of ours here at Celenic Earth Publications to sell our products for cryptocurrency. Until now, all we have had to offer were Bitcoin and Etherium wallet addresses privately to clients who wanted to buy our books with crypto coins, and on our Steemit interface.

But a new dawn is upon us! We have attained two agreements to have our products sold on their cryprocurrency platforms! This means that we can sell our books at a standard rate, with the cryptocurrency of choice being adjusted automatically to match the market prices of the coins.

The two crypto markets that we now sell on are Bitify and Forra. For Forra you would need to search the Forra Listings for the books, while Bitify you can simply click on our publishing name to see all our products.


We have made it easier for you. When you click on our Library of books, and select one of our selected books, you will see two new links at the bottom of the page. If you click on either the Bitify or Forra link, it will take you directly to our listings where you can buy our books with one of the cryptos listed.

Please note that we have only listed EBOOKS for now. Both accounts deal with Escrow time periods. This means that they pay for the products, it is held in Escrow until they receive it, and then they approve the payment. Since CEP is a print-on-demand publisher, where we require the funds upfront to pay for printing and shipping, we unfortunately cannot at this time list paperbacks until we find a better mechanism for them to be purchased by crypto.

We do sell it directly for crypto though, through our cryptocurrency wallets as direct payments, but we are still working out the fine details of having them listed on our site for the paperback crypto purchases to be made.

Until then, enjoy our new listings on the crypto currency platforms!!