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Celenic Earth Publications is Officially Registered and Branching Out

When we started Celenic Earth Publications in 2016, it was simply a mechanism whereby we could publish our own novels on Amazon and Smashwords. It was nothing but a publishing label used to create agreements with these partners. In terms of the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC), the South African authority on company registrations:

It is not necessary for all businesses to formalise by registering with the CIPC. For some businesses, such as informal businesses and sole proprietors, there may not be sufficient benefits.

However, CEP is growing. We are extending to publishing beyond novels, and as such the time has come to formalise the company. In many instances, a company has to be registered formally to do business with certain institutes, such as PlayStation or a financial bank. And since we are now going to be growing to publishing more than just books, we are now ready to branch out.



We are now formally registered as Private Company, Celenic Earth Publications (Pty) Ltd. The CEO of the company is Shaun M Jooste, the founder of the company. The company is officially recognised by the CIPC, the South African Revenue Services, and Financial Banking Institutions.



Here is perhaps the biggest news, apart from the official registration of CEP. New divisions have been created within CEP, and as such these divisions will receive their own brands, logos, Business Plans, missions, visions and strategies. They will all be aligned to the parent company, CEP, but expect each division to be trading independently. There will only be one website for CEP, but all divisions will be featured here on separate pages.

Celenic Earth Publishers


This is the Book and Novel Division of Celenic Earth Publications. This division will continue to publish novels and anthologies as we have been this year and is hoping to expand further the rest of the year evolves. We will soon be setting different publishing packages available to writers, that focuses more on income from royalties earned than upfront payment.

Celenic Earth Comics


The Comics / Graphic Novel division seeks less to establish new brand name comics and more to branch out current merchandise into the graphic novel arena. This means creating graphic novels for books we have already published or for games we have helped developed, like Celenic Earth Chronicles or Antreya Chronicles. It will help us expand our library and tell our stories a different way.

Celenic Independent Press


Last year we started an online newsletter called Celenic Earth Newsletter. It slowly died away, but there is a rising interest in South Africa with everything to do with writing and how to become published. This division will looking at establishing local magazines catering towards wannabe writers, guiding them with tips and promoting writing opportunities around the world through advertising. This may start off as a digital magazine, but we may grow to publishing it in print format for local book and coffee shops.

Celenic Game Studios


As you may have noticed lately, we’ve been partnering with many game development companies, specifically as it related to writing announcements for them on The Pulse Entertainment or providing writing talent. We are now in a position to publish games, and have already submitted requests to PlayStation, Xbox / Windows and Steam to become game publishing partners. This was one of the things we specifically needed a company registration number for. We will now be strengthening our game development partnerships with opportunities to publish their games for them.

Celenic Film Enterprise


This division is focused on assisting screenwriters getting their scripts recognised and produced, as well as obtaining further opportunities for them. We’re networking with film production companies now and are hoping that this will create strong business relationships with local and international talent, whether in the writing or performance fields. We’ve also made contact with Netflix and Amazon Studios for screenwriting and film production opportunities.

Celenic Music Records


Our music studio will focus on creating content and soundtracks for some of our merchandise, whether it be for our films, books or games. The publishing platforms are already available and we have been experimenting with creating our debut Silent Hill: Betrayal soundtrack. Hopefully we can attract more talent in this regard, specifically newbies or veterans in the field waiting to be recognised.


Of course, there are internal divisions which will help us manage this all, such as marketing, strategy, organisational development, HR and finance, to name a few. As the company grows in profits and earnings, so will the size of the company. And the stronger we grow, the better service we can deliver to everyone out there who wants to bring their talents to the world, and have not had a chance to do so as yet.

It should go without saying that all of this will not happen overnight. This will take months and months and years of planning, research, establishing connections and building strong bridges. And training training training. But… it is a step in the right direction…

Expect MAJOR changes and announcements to this site for the year to come.