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CEA GAW Guinness Record Anthology Pre-orders and Event Donation

Yesterday, we made a very special announcement that we had started a Jumpstarter (SA version of Kickstarter) campaign towards funding our Guinness World Record event, where we need to print 1000 paperback copies and have them sold before the record can be verified.

We noticed that no one as yet had started making pledges, but we have received donations directly from those who are supporting the initiative. So far, 6 paperback copies have been catered for, 3 as pre-order and 3 as donations, with a few direct messages indicating that more are coming. Yet, they’d rather not pledge on Jumpstarter.

And now we know why. As wonderful as the Jumpstarter campaign is, we’ve been told that many are unsure how to use the site, and also it would be far easier just to EFT the funds to us directly. So the sponsors are there, but they want another means available to help us reach our goals.

We are therefore setting up a pre-ordering and donation system. We tried at first to use Paypal, but learnt very quickly how unfriendly the Paypal codes are with WordPress, and that it is a headache to set it up. We’ve researched WordPress and many community forums, and it seems everyone is having the same problems.

Have no fear. Here in South Africa we use Payfast. It allows South Africans to EFT payments to us effortlessly and safely, while international sponsors can use their cards to help us out. Don’t worry about the Rand value indicated below; the payment will be converted for you by your location, I believe.

These buttons have been made available on our site’s sidebars on some pages too.



R50: Donate towards the printing for the Guinness World Record Launch Event



R100: Pre-order a digital copy



R250: Pre-order a paperback copy of our Guinness World Record anthology for yourself



R250: Donate a copy to the Guinness World Record Launch Event



R500: Pre-order your own copy and Donate a copy to the Launch Event



We’ve been blessed with donators who want to contribute more than allowed by these buttons. For a special donations or greater amount of pre-order copies, please email shaunmjooste@celenicearth.com for a special payment button or link to meet your needs.



Jumpstarter Campaign launched for Guinness World Record Anthology Pre-Orders and Event Support

As many of you know, Guinness World Records has approved our attempt at a world record breaking attempt at the Most Authors to Contribute to a Short Story Anthology. The current record is 50 writers, but we have 107 and the total is climbing!

Everything is running smoothly and we have 10% of the stories received so far, with the deadline for all submissions set at 31 August 2017. This gives us enough time to publish, establish the paperback and ebook distributions, and prepare for the Anthology launch event that is expected to take place on 30 September 2017!!! Right here in Cape Town, South Africa.

Of course, the Anthology will be sold throughout the world on our normal distribution channels. Our largest challenge is that Guinness expects us to sell 1000 paperback copies before the record can be verified and accepted. This is to ensure that the anthology remains in circulation, and is not just created for the purpose of breaking the record.

We are doing things to help us to achieve this goal. The first is to sell the ebook and paperback as close to cost as possible until we reach our goal and the record is verified. Thereafter the covers and record details will be included in a special Guinness World Record edition of the book, which will be set at standard retail prices.

We have also launched a Jumpstarter campaign, which serves a three-fold purpose. First, it will allow anyone to start pre-ordering the anthology now already, thereby ensuring that they receive one of the launch event copies. Those copies will still be made available at the event for photographic and video evidence, but will be put aside in a pre-order section and will not be available for sale at the event. Any orders placed through the Jumpstarter campaign will list you as an official sponsor, and we will make sure to put your name at the end of the video in the credits, and within the Guinness special edition of the Anthology.

Secondly, it will allow us to start collecting funds towards the printing of the 1000 copies. Each anthology will cost at about R200 to print, which is the least we need per copy to get the show on the road. On the campaign we’ve allowed for more, so that any unforseen surcharges and logistics can also be covered. We don’t want to leave anything to chance!

Lastly, any Pledges towards books to be pre-ordered will count towards the 1000 print sales we need.

You will see on the campaign that we have five reward levels: Initiate, Novice, Master, Hero and Legendary! It is time to choose your destiny.

This is one of the greatest undertakings we’ve done so far! We really hope you will support us in this endeavour and help us to attain this World Record! If you’de like to pre-order or support us, please visit our Jumpstarter campaign here. There is even a nifty video we’ve put together for the event.

Thank you to those of you who will be supporting us!