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South African Angelique Pacheco Signed up for Christian Devotionals and Children Books

We have another announcement to make. South African writer Angelique Pacheco has signed up to have her work published by Celenic Earth Publications! We have been in discussions with Angelique for a few months, and are happy to advise that she has become part of the Celenic family.

Angelique’s focus will be on Christian devotionals and christian stories for children. We have also asked her to work on a children’s daily devotional, something we feel that is sorely lacking in the literary world.

These are the books that Angelique is currently working on for publication:

  • Jungle Bible
  • Kids Devotional
  • Adult Devotional

Here is a small bio of Angelique:

Angelique Pacheco teaches Martial Arts by day and writes at night. She has been writing ever since she can remember. Her first love is poetry. She came third in the South African Writer’s circle Annual short story Competition in 2016. More recently, she took second place in the South African Writer’s circle Annual short story Competition in 2017. She has been published in the Best of Today’s Little Ditty 2016, Authors Mag and Flat White magazine.

Angelique is also featured in our Guinness World Record Anthology of 108 short stories, CEA Greatest Anthology Written. Her story that was featured is called ‘Birds of Change’, and had a historical aspect to it.

We are very happy to have Angelique as part of the Celenic family, and we are sure her books will be a delight to all Christians around the world!


You can order your copy of our World Record 108 short story anthology here!



New Zealand Writer John Irvine Signed Up for Publishing of his collections and stories

We have some wonderful news to share. One of our Guinness World Record writers, for a short story in CEA Greatest Anthology Written, has signed up to have his work published by Celenic Earth Publications. John Irvine hales from New Zealand, and we are so pleased to have him as part of our team.

John actually signed up with us a few weeks ago, but we have slowly been getting things in place before we made any form of announcement. John’s work was with a previous publisher before, but has decided to change to working with us instead. By doing so, we have permission to not only publish his future work, but to republish all his previous work too.

For the moment, the entire collection to be published are as follows:


  • Anomolous Appetites
  • Blood Curry
  • Man of Stone
  • Rat atouille
  • Bucanneers, Sonneteers and Spittoons
  • Fast Friends Forever
  • You and me and cancer makes three
  • Two Voices

Ready for publication:

  • Roo Tales
  • Stoned
  • Haunted Horror
  • Frog Spawn
  • Disquiet

In the Wings:

  • Fur, Feathers and Feelers
  • Exotic Places
  • Musings on Death and Life
  • Ships in the Night
  • Handwoven

We are very excited to begin this new journey with John and releasing these books as soon as possible. Currently we are finishing up Man of Stone for his approval and are anticipating releasing it within this month. Look out for our pre-order announcement!

And here is a quick word from John on Man of Stone:

Man of Stone


Although I fiddled with rhyming poetry over the years it was only when I returned to NZ in 1996 from a 29 year holiday in Australia that I began to write in earnest. This came about in the traditional manner… love poetry for a girlfriend. Terrible stuff really.

However, it morphed fairly quickly into observational stuff and I began to get a “feeling” for what I was doing. I met a woman on the Internet in a writer’s group who was living in Greece and after a quick trip there to meet up she decided to move to NZ. This English ex-pat was the trigger for me… this novelist/writer and embryonic poet inspired me to take stock of what I was doing and I blossomed at
age 60.

A few years flashed by and I was submitting globally to online magazines and ezines and on fire. In 2005 I decided to approach a publisher in NZ with a view to publishing a collection and my Muse must have had a few drinks because the first publisher I offered my work to loved it and contracts were signed. A friend’s daughter, an art student, did some illustrations for it and soon I was a published poet.

Man of Stone was a minor success, but alas the publisher closed shop and that was the end. I wasn’t experienced enough to attack the world with the book, so it has been languishing for years now. Lucky me again… South African Publisher, Celenic Earth Publications , so we are off and running!

Thank you, Shaun Jooste!

It is a pleasure John! This is what we do. Assist writers in getting their word published and read around the world!

And finally, here is an interview done with John which we were given permission to share on our Youtube channel, with some words about John beneath it.


John Irvine was born on October 14th 1940, in working class suburb in Lower Hutt, New Zealand. Life as an only child was often lonely, more especially for a “fat kid” with no father, in spite of close family ties and an encouraging mother. His mum says he began writing poetry as a child. None survive, probably just as well!!

It was a conventional childhood and adolescence, with all the usual desperate issues associated with a post-war, testosterone-loaded young man. Girls, drinking, cars…nothing changes except the size of the cars. Working at 15 years old with no academic qualifications meant limited career options, and eventually, after an early unsuccessful marriage, the lure of Australia drew him to that marvellous country. There, on a working holiday that lasted 281⁄2 years, he drifted like a leaf on a fickle breeze. He
saw a lot of the Outback from the seat of a motorcycle or from behind the wheel of an old 4WD Nissan Patrol, accompanied for twelve of those years by his beloved dog/companion, Mr Mo.

He worked at employment as he found it—selling cars, cooking, crewing on cruising yachts, managing businesses, farming and even a brief stint in Papua New Guinea operating a jungle resort. After a return to New Zealand at the end of 1996, and the cold realisation that at 56 years of age he was unemployable, he began to write. First there was love poetry, then, as time dribbled by, he began to take a retrospective look
at his own life. Since meeting up with an English-born woman from Greece on the Internet 15 years ago, he has been writing short (flash) stories as well, mainly horror.

They now share an idyllic life-style on New Zealand’s picturesque Coromandel Peninsula, living in a small rural community surrounded by hills and the ocean.

He hopes to die peacefully one day without warning and minimal leakage.

Welcome to the CEP family, John!


Header Image Photograph courtesy of:

Wilma Pucci
New Zealand


You can order your copy of our World Record 108 short story anthology here!



Graphic Artist Gwozdansky Signed On For Upcoming Designs and Art Collections

Celenic Earth Publications has some wonderful news. Through our work in several projects that we are involved in, we always meet wonderful talent. We’ve been in discussions with graphical artist, Gwozdansky, currently concept artist for upcoming MMORPG Antreya Chronicles Online by Antreya Publishing.


Gwozdansky has shown exceptional graphical skill, and we believe his work can be placed within volumes of artbook collections. Not only do we want to show off his marvelous talent to the world in some product ideas we have lined up, but we want to include him in possible future comics, games or novels that he may be interested in being involved in.

First on the list is a graphical bestiary for Shaun M Jooste’s Silent Hill novels. We are hoping Gwozdansky will be able to bring the horror creatures from the novels to artistic life, which we will bring you news on when the time is right. There are many other projects too that we are excited to include Gwozdansky in, which we’d prefer not to mention at this time.

Here’s is a small bio of Gwozdansky:

Gwozdansky is a 2D artist situated in Zadar, Croatia. He graduated in Fine Arts at the Academy of Split as an Art historian and Professor of Fine Arts. He is working as an Art teacher in three elementary schools. He likes to design characters and weapons (mostly in medieval, martial arts and fantasy style). He draws traditionally, using pencils, ink and acrylic as his favourite tool. He is also a professional jewellery maker (specialized for bead embroidery, peyote patterns and bead waving). He is good at calligraphy, Illuminated lettering, ornament designs and various pattern making.

So watch this space for more news on Gwozdansky work in time to come.




CEA Through the Dark Volume 2 Horror Anthology Writer Roster Complete

About a month ago, we announced that our Anthology collections are available to view and submit for. We’ve had a vast amount of responses over the various genres. Our chart below shows just how active the submission requests have been over the various genres.


And with that we are pleased to announce that the horror anthology, CEA Through the Dark Volume 2 is complete with a full list of writers. The following writers are set to be featured in the upcoming anthology.

  • Shaun M Jooste
  • Andi Hodgetts
  • Grannd Kane
  • Macaylin Govender
  • Dan Allen
  • Kevin Damen
  • Duane Ratswander
  • Alex Gates
  • A Christina Portillo
  • Robbie Jackson-Keenan

We look forward to working with these horror writers and reading through their short stories. We have a tentative publishing date planned for April / May 2018, but will have a more concrete date closer to the time.

The fantasy anthology, CEA Past your Reality, almost has a complete roster of writers too, with only a few places left. We have opened team chat channels for the anthology so long as we prepare to start with the fantasy program.

If you would like to submit to any of the open anthologies, feel free to visit our submissions page. Also, visit our Twitter feed and Facebook page for further news.



South-African-Flag (2)




Our Video Game Fantasy Novel With RPG Elements, Heroes of Antreya: The Journey Begins, is Nominated for Best Fantasy Novel 2017

Since its recent release, our fantasy novel Heroes of Antreya: The Journey Begins has been getting lots of attention, mostly because of its RPG elements and due to the current game development by Antreya Studios. And now, the fantasy novel has been nominated for Best Fantasy Novel of 2017 in the Preditors and Editors Awards.

#fantasy #mmorpg #rpgelements #videogamebook #novel #gamedev

Of course, we are so honoured to have the novel nominated, but we would dearly love to have more votes to be able to win this award. You an aid us by visiting the Preditors and Editors Fantasy Awards Page and selecting Heroes of Antreya: The Journey Begins as your vote. We will be watching the standings closely and will keep everyone updated on our twitter and facebook platforms of where the novel stands.

As a last word, we are giving away ebook review keys to 10 lucky readers to read and give us some honest feedback on Amazon. If you would like to receive a free copy of this novel, please comment below and we will contact you.

Celenic Earth Publications is Officially Registered and Branching Out

When we started Celenic Earth Publications in 2016, it was simply a mechanism whereby we could publish our own novels on Amazon and Smashwords. It was nothing but a publishing label used to create agreements with these partners. In terms of the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC), the South African authority on company registrations:

It is not necessary for all businesses to formalise by registering with the CIPC. For some businesses, such as informal businesses and sole proprietors, there may not be sufficient benefits.

However, CEP is growing. We are extending to publishing beyond novels, and as such the time has come to formalise the company. In many instances, a company has to be registered formally to do business with certain institutes, such as PlayStation or a financial bank. And since we are now going to be growing to publishing more than just books, we are now ready to branch out.



We are now formally registered as Private Company, Celenic Earth Publications (Pty) Ltd. The CEO of the company is Shaun M Jooste, the founder of the company. The company is officially recognised by the CIPC, the South African Revenue Services, and Financial Banking Institutions.



Here is perhaps the biggest news, apart from the official registration of CEP. New divisions have been created within CEP, and as such these divisions will receive their own brands, logos, Business Plans, missions, visions and strategies. They will all be aligned to the parent company, CEP, but expect each division to be trading independently. There will only be one website for CEP, but all divisions will be featured here on separate pages.

Celenic Earth Publishers


This is the Book and Novel Division of Celenic Earth Publications. This division will continue to publish novels and anthologies as we have been this year and is hoping to expand further the rest of the year evolves. We will soon be setting different publishing packages available to writers, that focuses more on income from royalties earned than upfront payment.

Celenic Earth Comics


The Comics / Graphic Novel division seeks less to establish new brand name comics and more to branch out current merchandise into the graphic novel arena. This means creating graphic novels for books we have already published or for games we have helped developed, like Celenic Earth Chronicles or Antreya Chronicles. It will help us expand our library and tell our stories a different way.

Celenic Independent Press


Last year we started an online newsletter called Celenic Earth Newsletter. It slowly died away, but there is a rising interest in South Africa with everything to do with writing and how to become published. This division will looking at establishing local magazines catering towards wannabe writers, guiding them with tips and promoting writing opportunities around the world through advertising. This may start off as a digital magazine, but we may grow to publishing it in print format for local book and coffee shops.

Celenic Game Studios


As you may have noticed lately, we’ve been partnering with many game development companies, specifically as it related to writing announcements for them on The Pulse Entertainment or providing writing talent. We are now in a position to publish games, and have already submitted requests to PlayStation, Xbox / Windows and Steam to become game publishing partners. This was one of the things we specifically needed a company registration number for. We will now be strengthening our game development partnerships with opportunities to publish their games for them.

Celenic Film Enterprise


This division is focused on assisting screenwriters getting their scripts recognised and produced, as well as obtaining further opportunities for them. We’re networking with film production companies now and are hoping that this will create strong business relationships with local and international talent, whether in the writing or performance fields. We’ve also made contact with Netflix and Amazon Studios for screenwriting and film production opportunities.

Celenic Music Records


Our music studio will focus on creating content and soundtracks for some of our merchandise, whether it be for our films, books or games. The publishing platforms are already available and we have been experimenting with creating our debut Silent Hill: Betrayal soundtrack. Hopefully we can attract more talent in this regard, specifically newbies or veterans in the field waiting to be recognised.


Of course, there are internal divisions which will help us manage this all, such as marketing, strategy, organisational development, HR and finance, to name a few. As the company grows in profits and earnings, so will the size of the company. And the stronger we grow, the better service we can deliver to everyone out there who wants to bring their talents to the world, and have not had a chance to do so as yet.

It should go without saying that all of this will not happen overnight. This will take months and months and years of planning, research, establishing connections and building strong bridges. And training training training. But… it is a step in the right direction…

Expect MAJOR changes and announcements to this site for the year to come.


New Partners Update: Card Chronicles and Scotia Gaming

It appears as though word of our partnerships with indie games is spreading fast. As per our last post on our new partners, Dean Clark, one of our anthology writers and author of Hegis’ Grasp, works with and writes for two of our current partners. These are Antreya Studios and Salty Goal Productions.

Dean’s had a word with some other game companies he is working with, and they are also eager to join Celenic Earth Publications as partners. Here are the details of this fantastic new partners.


Devil's Peek
Facebook  Twitter

Card Chronicles is a mobile fantasy card game in which you’ll traverse various regions, take part in an epic story and put your wits to the test against a diverse range of opponents in this action packed, strategic card battle game. Choose your creatures, execute your strategies and conquer your enemies!



Scotia Gaming
Facebook  Twitter Youtube

Welcome to the official page of Scotia Gaming’s up coming Next Gen game East Coast Nightmares. The Game will be released in 2018 on Steam and Consoles.


Celenic Earth Publications will be keeping close tabs on these partners, making sure any announcements, interviews and reviews get released on The Pulse Entertainment  by author Shaun M Jooste as the Head of their Gaming Division. Any books released for their games will also be accepted for publishing.



CEA Into the Beyond Sci Fi Anthology Released on Ebook and Paperback Platforms

Our debut science fiction anthology has finally been released!! Five writers worked hard the last month and a half to bring the stories to you, and we have finally been able to publish it this weekend.

The Anthology is available on our official distribution platforms, which can be viewed on the CEA Into the Beyond page. Thank you to Pragashnie Naidoo for her glittering preview review on Pulse Entertainment UK.

If you will recall, we ran a competition for followers to win free digital copies of this anthology. We are pleased to announce that Andi Hodgetts was the ultimate winner of this prize! Thank you for following, sharing and liking our pages and posts! Your hard work is appreciated. You will be receiving your free ebook copy soon.


Celenic Earth Anthologies Scheduled for the Rest of 2017: Open call for Writers

With two anthologies already published and another two being released this weekend, we’ve decided to formally plan out the rest of the year, as the number of anthologies being created has increased.

There has been a growing interest in other genres and therefore we have made a plan to accommodate these desires. We therefore formally present the following Anthology publishing schedule. (Click on the image to enlarge)

CEA Anthology Submission and Publishing Schedule2.jpg


CEA Between the Mystery Volume 1 (Crime Thriller)

Open call for writers: 19 June 2017
Submissions 31 July 2017
Expected Publishing Date: 15 August 2017

CEA With veiled Deduction Volume 1 (Noir / Hardboiled)

Open call for writers: 19 June 2017
Final Submissions 31 July 2017
Expected Publishing Date: 15 August 2017

CEA Writers without Boundaries 2 (Closed NaNo Group)

NaNoWriMo July Camp: 1 July 2017
Final Submissions 31 July 2017
Expected Publishing Date: 15 August 2017



CEA Under the Sheets Volume 1 (Erotica)

Open call for writers: 1 July 2017
Submissions 31 August 2017
Expected Publishing Date: 15 September 2017

CEA Within the Pride Volume 1 (LGBT)

Open call for writers: 1 July 2017
Submissions 31 August 2017
Expected Publishing Date: 15 September 2017



CEA Through the Dark Volume 2 (Horror)

Open call for writers: 1 August 2017
Submissions 31 September 2017
Expected Publishing Date: 15 October 2017

CEA Beyond the Hallowed Volume 1 (Halloween)

Open call for writers: 1 August 2017
Submissions 31 September 2017
Expected Publishing Date: 31 October 2017



CEA Towards the Pulse Volume 1 (Closed Pulse Entertainment Group)

Open call for writers: 1 September 2017
Submissions 31 October 2017
Expected Publishing Date: 15 November 2017

CEA Inside your Spirit Volume 1 (Inspirational / Spiritual)

Open call for writers: 1 September 2017
Submissions 31 October 2017
Expected Publishing Date: 15 November 2017



CEA Among the Jingles Volume 1 (Christmas)

Open call for writers: 1 October 2017
Submissions 31 November 2017
Expected Publishing Date: 25 December 2017

CEA Above the Resolutions Volume 1 (New Year)

Open call for writers: 1 October 2017
Submissions 31 November 2017
Expected Publishing Date: 31 January 2017


Writers who would like to become part of any of the above anthologies are welcome to contact us at shaunmjooste@celenicearth.com .  If you would like to be included in a much later anthology, you can apply to have your name put on the anthology’s list now already and don’t have to wait. Writers who took part in a previous volume of an already published anthology will automatically be included in the next volume.

Please note that that up to 10 writers will be published per anthology. If we are full, we will keep your name on the list for when another seat becomes available.

If you have any queries, please email us.


JAY GIRGIS Debut Novelette ‘The Berberian’ now available!

Celenic Earth Publications is happy to announce that one of our newest authors, Jay Girgis, has just released his debut Novelette, ‘The Berberian’. It is an action adventure story with tones of historical religious context as the Arabs invade christian lands:

Welcome to 698 A.D. It is time of unrest, with the Arabs taking Christian lands and the Berber Christians being taken into slavery in Carthage, North West Africa. Itri is a young boy when he is enslaved with his parents and enforced into the Arab religion and culture. After being physically emasculated, he meets his master’s daughter and agrees to run away with her. They are hunted down until they meet Christians like themselves who are standing up against the Arab invasions.

Years pass as the conflict rises and Itri learns to fight, but the tense love between him and Laila grows stronger. They forge strong relationships with fellow fighters, as Itri learns that his brother is in the Arab army. It is not just a contest of blood ties, but also religious beliefs and difference in cultures. With Itri refusing to take any life, can he hold to his principles as he faces his own family while holding back the oncoming Arabic hordes?

The book is only available in ebook format due to its length. We are also proud to announce that one of Jay’s short stories will be a Celenic Earth Anthology exclusive to be featured in one of our anthologies soon.

‘The Berberian’ is available at the following official outlets, with links on icons where we have been able to obtain it.


download  download.jpg  images  download (1).jpg  ibook-logo.jpg  images (1)  bakertaylor_logo.png  images (2).jpg  download (2).jpg  gardners1-720x5291.jpg  download (3).jpg  download (4)