Celenic Earth Publications specialises with collections of short stories and novelettes under the brand Celenic Earth Anthologies (CEA). We prefer to get multiple writers recognition simultaneously, instead of one novel at a time. The CEA brand helps new writers gain experience and exposure with being published while practising their writing craft.

There are no fees involved with anthology submissions. Each writer will be provided with a writer’s agreement explaining the terms and conditions. Writers retain the full rights to their individual stories, while CEP retains publishing rights to the entire volume. Royalties are split evenly among writers published in each volume, while a percentage is retained for the marketing strategy.

The anthologies are split per genre. We have changed our anthology strategy in terms of submission deadlines. Previously, we attempted publishing 2 anthologies per month, but we noticed that interest in certain genres were lacking. This year, we are shifting to announcing that ALL ANTHOLOGY GENRES ARE OPEN FOR SUBMISSION. As soon as we have the required number of writers for a certain genre, a deadline period of up to 2 months will begin for writing, editing, formatting and publishing.

Not all submissions will necessarily be accepted. There may be various reasons for non-acceptance, but writers will be informed in writing. All writers must have access to email for communication purposes, while writers will be invited to team chat on the Slack communicator.

It is essential that writers understand that we write and publish for the love of the writing craft. Having anthologies published will not guarantee sales, especially since we are relatively new compared to other publishing houses out there. Writers who wish to submit with the hopes of becoming rich quickly need not submit. We have a focus on selling anthologies to spread our writing around the world, and possibly get some feedback for our writers. We simply advise not to become disillusioned that writing and publishing your stories equates to a steady income.

If you still have an interest in submitting a short story or novelette to one of our anthologies, here is what is available. You can also recommend a different genre you would like us to consider.

CEA Through the Darkness – Horror (No longer accepting submissions due to overwhelming response)

CEA Past your Reality – Fantasy (No longer accepting submissions as writer count has been reached)

CEA Into the Beyond – Science Fiction (Reopened for submissions)

CEA Between the Mystery – Crime Thriller

CEA With veiled Deduction – Hardboiled Noir

CEA Under the Sheets – Erotica

CEA Within the Pride – LGBT

CEA Inside your Spirit – Inspirational / Spiritual

CEA Across the Mirth – Comedy

CEA Beyond the Hallowed – Reserved for Halloween (open for submission until August)

CEA Among the Jingles- Reserved for Christmas (open for submission until September)

CEA Above the Resolutions – Reserved for New Year (open for submission until September)

Please use our submission form below to indicate your interest. Please submit a one form for each anthology you are applying for.


Our book publishing services are open to everyone that is interested in writing fiction novels, novelettes, and short stories. We are publishing a few religious books this year, but our main foundation is fiction. We have a standard, flexible Writer’s Agreement which sets out specific details on publishing fees, royalties, publishing processes and rights.

If you would like more details, kindly complete the form below:

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