Another crime goes unsolved in the city that is the cesspit of humanity? Not if you have any say in the matter as you start a personal crusade of revenge. Are you the hunter or the hunted? Time to turn Quaid City upside down hosing the streets clean of the human vermin that infest the dark shadows out of the neon glare.

You shape the destiny of Quaid City. Do you use commerce or violence as your weapons of choice? Purchase and manage businesses. Get on the property ladder as you build your income. Manage a deep and vibrant economy in a dynamic world that evolves around your actions. Strive to bring order to a city in the depths of despair.

Will you be businessman or the ultimate bounty hunter? Customising your character for the perfect kill. with scores of weapons, skills and accessories that allow you to bring swift justice to the factions that stand between you and sweet revenge. The time has come to wield the Neon Sword.

Game features:

  • Explore the neon bathed Quaid City
  • A living breathing city with a diverse population
  • Buy real estate and influence the city around you
  • Collect different and unique clothing items
  • Kit yourself out with entire arsenal of hardcore weaponry
  • A deep branching storyline
  • Save the city or run it into the ground it’s your choice


Celenic Games Studios are not involved with the game development or publishing of Neon Sword, but rather with writing the fiction for the game based on the lore and factions for the developer, PeaHead Games. Celenic Earth Publications have also received permission to write novels based on the game’s lore and factions. More news will be published on this shortly.

News will also be shared on AIR Entertainment, as well as any posts by CGS here below.

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