Antreya Chronicles Online is an MMORPG set in a post-apocalyptic, medieval, steampunk world ravaged by Spirit Beasts, and contains civilization trying to rebuild itself. Meanwhile, a sinister plot seems to be unfolding in secret and unless somebody steps in, evil could overcome the land of Antreya once again.

The game features three specific races, namely the Siopus (human), Reyt (elf) and Minoseus (dwarf). There are also the Trelys, Vyrocin and Resuin factions with a massive amount of lore, gods, weapons and armour.

Celenic Game Studios is involved with the game development in a writing capacity, with Celenic Earth Publications CEO Shaun M Jooste as creative writer for the game. Roles so far have included assistance in character creation and development, lore development, weapon and armour concepts, npc dialogue, main and side quests, and story development.

In a collaboration with lead writer and co-director, Dean Clark, they wrote fantasy novel “Heroes of Antreya: The Journey Begins“, which was published by Celenic Earth Publications. It features the first part of the storyline in the upcoming game, where potential gamers can get a taste of the game’s features by reading the fiction novel.

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Development on the game is listed on the website itself, but news is also shared on AIR Entertainment and will be shared here below.


AIR ENTERTAINMENT: Antreya Chronicles MMORPG Development Schedule announced for 2019 (2 January 2019)


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