This branch of Celenic Earth Publications deals less with actual film production, and is more a group of screenwriters that are involved with writing screenplays for movies or television. CFS offers screenwriters a chance to become involved in the writing for a movie or television series. We also offer producers a place to look for affordable screenwriters in an industry saturated with expensive professionals.

CFS have writers who have developed screenplays and have won awards or  nominations for them. We assist with producing Query Letters for screenwriters who are looking to have their scripts sold or produced, and assist with Screenwriters membership in Guilds. Together with marketing of screenwriters and their work, we help in an industry where screenplays are overlooked more often than not.

There is also involvement with discussions of adapting books and games to films or television, and acquiring the rights thereof. We work hand in hand with film industry professionals in acquiring the writers who are committed to developing a fantastic script. We also guide writers in terms of their scripts, reading through them and offering advice in terms of their scripts, loglines and pitches.

If you would like to discuss becoming involved with a screenwriting project, to partner with CFS, or have your script proofread, kindly complete the form below:

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