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Welcome to our official Guinness World Record {GWR} attempt at the Most authors contributing to an anthology of short stories. 

Our Title is registered as CEA Greatest Anthology Written. The CEA is an acronym for Celenic Earth Anthologies and a play on the word “see”, which we use for all our Anthology titles.

On 18 April 2017, we applied for the attempt online for a chance to beat the current record of 50 authors. On 4 July 2017, we received the following response:

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Over the July and August 2017 we had gathered the writers who were interested in becoming world record holders, as each writer who contributed will be recognised. The deadlines for submissions was 31 August 2017, and we are happy to say that we have achieved more than our goal of 100 stories!!!!

The Volume is separated into Genres. We have done this so that those that are not interested in hardcore genres like Horror or Psychological thrillers can skip to the genres that they enjoy more.

In order to have this record verified by GWR adjudicators, it is not enough that we simply publish. GWR does not want the Volume simply to be published for the sake of the record. To this end, they have placed one of the most difficult rules to attain: 1000 paperback copies need to be printed and sold in order to be verified. This does not need to be done all in one day; once we hit the 1000 print and sell line, the record can be verified.

To this end, we are having a launch event here in Cape Town, South Africa. The location is being discussed at the moment, and we will update our website, facebook page and twitter feed with the details closer to the time.

What makes this momentous task easier is that we do not have to sell the entire 1000 at the event. As long as we can show Guinness through evidence that we have sold the copies, it can be verified. Therefore we will be setting up Amazon paperback copies for anyone to order from anywhere in  the world, as Amazon sends us reports on sale numbers which we can send through.

Ebook sales will also help us to this end. Funds made from ebook sales will go towards printing more paperbacks. After negotiating with Guinness, they have agreed that ebook sales will count towards the 1000 sales. BUT… we must still print 1000 paperback copies. Therefore, any direct purchases from us for the book copies will help us achieve this goal.


In order to ensure that we reach the 1000 GWR target, we will be setting the minimum costing for printing and shipping as the  retail price on our site. Locally, we will be using local couriers or postal service to send your copy after the launch, unless you attend the launch event whereby we will personally hand you your copy. Internationally, we will be using our online platform to deliver your copy from a distributor near you. This allows us to reduce shipping costs and times as much as possible and keep the retail selling price as equal as possible all around the world.

Having said that, we can only do that if you order from us directly. Our distributors will be adding their selling fees to our recommended selling price.

So if you want to help us achieve our goal, click on the order button below.

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We have had representatives from all over the world joining this fantastic event. Here are our list of accepted writers  with their story titles.

Author Country Story Title
C.M. Sheely Australia Instinct
Carina Merritt Australia Just one more
Darren Goossens Australia Two Broken Wings
Dion Perry Australia Double trouble barley straw blondes
Gaёtane Burkolter Australia The Cloudy Colt
Gerry Huntman Australia The Place Where Two Eagles Meet
Kaaron Warren Australia The Gossip Writer’s Notebook
Kylie Pfeiffer Australia The Mist
Lecura Bonner Australia The Girl With the Black Eyes
Leonie Harris Australia Only Improbable
Lynette Greenfield Australia The Single Mistake
Mirren Hogan Australia Life in Photoshop
Pamela Jeffs Australia Firstborn
Shane Porteous Australia Battle from the Belly
Zena Shapter Australia Wanting the Beast
Frank Roger Belgium Memoirs Found in a Microchip
Rebekah DeVall Bolivia For My Brother
Donna Marie West Canada The Detour
Kindra Sowder United States Permutation: The Story of Emerson King
Dani J Caile Hungary Living
Silvana G. Sánchez Mexico Promised
Catherine Taylor New Zealand Shot to the Heart
John Irvine New Zealand April Fool
Mouse Diver-Dudfield New Zealand The Highwayman
Benson Sibigam Isaac Nigeria Underneath the Surface
Tega Greats Nigeria Forgiving Vengeance
Alistair Davidse South Africa The Elpis Mission
Anastasia-Alexandra Nenova South Africa I Died, I Went to Heaven and I Lived to Tell About It
Angelique Pacheco South Africa Birds of Change
Barry N. Cox South Africa Uncle Toby
Brigette Ronne South Africa Tinkles the Fairy and her Adventure Beyond the Village Walls
Candice Cloete South Africa My last tooth
Chantelle Salt South Africa Laylah’s Light
Debbie Stansfield South Africa Whispering Creatures
Hilda Wilson South Africa Philip’s Enigma
Katrina van Oostrum South Africa Uncles and Outlaws
Lawrie Leve South Africa I Could Die Laughing
Mira Fahlan South Africa The Roman Way
Nerisha Kemraj South Africa The Unwanted Visitor
Nikky Olivier South Africa Seven sins
Peter Deelman South Africa The Awakening
Pragashnie Naidoo South Africa Naomi & Peter
Seshadari Moodley South Africa Shortbread
Shaakirah Motete South Africa Noa
Shameez Patel Papathanasiou South Africa Click
Shaun Jooste South Africa Loose Ends
Theolin Tembo South Africa The Phoenix
Wesley Rolfe South Africa The Shadow’s Legacy
Jude Cocaigne Switzerland The Girl with the Red Hood
Adam Leggett United Kingdom Just Another Day
Andi Hodgetts United Kingdom Inner Demons
Andrew Troth United Kingdom Bella And The Man
Caroline Reid United Kingdom Waltz for One
Clare Howie United Kingdom Secrets and Whispers
Daniel Hall United Kingdom The Grandfather
Gemma Tarr United Kingdom Forgotten Kisses
Grannd Kane United Kingdom Tahrodiis
Heather Wilson United Kingdom The Game
Karen Morral United Kingdom The Jaguar
Keith Disley United Kingdom Matryoshka
Marian Maplesden United Kingdom Confession
Naomi Lucas United Kingdom The Story of a Muse
Raymond Daley United Kingdom The Dirtheads of Duke Street
Raymond Little United Kingdom The End of Science
Richard Matthewson United Kingdom Hyperspace is a Harsh Mistress
Robbie Jackson-Keenan United Kingdom Hapless Hero
Russell Smeaton United Kingdom Snake Charmer
Wondra Vanian United Kingdom Queen Muirgheal’s Curse: A Faerie’s Tale
Adrian Johnson United States The Ruination Theater
Amanda Desiree United States The Evening Star
Amanda Rebello United States UnDemonizing Devlin
Annie Louise Twitchell United States Penance of a Panther
B.E. Scully United States The People Who Live Between the Roads
Cynthia Booth United States One Date is Danger
David Shorb United States A Jim Beam Christmas
Dean Clark United States The Darkest Feelings
Eric J. Guignard United States Siren of the Swamp
Erik T. Johnson United States For Fanny
E.M. Fitch United States Buried Deep Down
Godfrey Coppinger United States Maggie’s Song
Gregory Norris United States The Dodos
Jeffrey A. Cooper United States The Stock Tip
Jeremy Lackey United States Dear Caroline
Jessica C. Joiner United States Giants Fall
JG Faherty United States Destination Unknown
John M. Floyd United States The Tenth Floor
Kendell M. Jones United States Step Mother
Krista Lynn United States One Hellishly Hot Night
Kristi Anne Shorb United States Nyssa Tales: Wolf Down
Lucio Rodriguez United States Witch Hollow
Lucy Taylor United States Fecundity
Madge H. Gressley United States The Package
Marc E. Fitch United States The Zbruch Idol
M.K. Clark United States The Other Side
Mav Skye United States Killing Angels
Michael D. Pitman United States The Drink
Michael Milicevic United States Code Talker’s Cant
Molly Neely United States An Heirloom Spirit
Nathaniel Kaine United States The Park Ranger
Oz Monroe United States Tatertots and Beer
Roy C Booth United States Quartermaster’s Dinner
Stephanie Barr United States Divine Intervention
Sunayna Pal United States Where will you run to
Suzana Sjenicic United States Madrena
Tracy L Carbone United States Providence
Travis Ludvigson United States Tondo
Walter Rhein United States A Beast like a Child


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