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Celenic Game Studios presents AIR Entertainment – New Gaming News Site

What we are sure no one can get enough of are sites that bring you the latest news. One of our publishing divisions, Celenic Game Studios, has started a new gaming news website called AIR Entertainment. The acronym stands for Announcements, Interviews and Reviews, while also representing our favourite natural element.

This follows our departure from The Pulse Entertainment and starting our own news site. You may have noticed that they are no longer listed as partners at the bottom of the page. We won’t expand on that too much right now.

The website is already up and running, and you can visit it by clicking on the image below. We have been planning in how many forms we want to bring news from the gaming industry to you. When we have everything set up we will let you know, but as a teaser we already have youtube set up for some gaming coverage, retrospectives and expo visits. We have been spreading out to Indie and AAA developers to provide us with the latest news, so expect to see a lot of content over the next few weeks.


We know we’ve been quiet lately, but remember: we’ve branched out to various divisions and this site will be upgraded soon to include all of them and more. We’ve also been busy with our Guinness World Record attempt, and Celenic Earth Publishers will be providing more information on that soon. Finally, we will be bringing more news on gaming platforms we have partnered with to develop games on.

So if we are quiet.. it is because we are working so hard at bringing you the best we can.



Celenic Game Studios establishes Gaming News Site: A.I.R. Entertainment

In line with staying on top of what is happening in the gaming industry, we have decided to start our own gaming news site. We will be doing (A)nnouncements, (I)nterviews and (R)eviews with game developers and publishing, basically anyone involved in the industry. We have a small group of gaming writers bringing you the latest news, and you can see what we are up to on the new site, which you can visit by clicking the image below:


The site is still small for now, but we will be growing quickly as we already have a hand in the gaming industry and have received some free review keys for games that have recently been released. We have also aligned with GameTyrant as our brothers in the gaming news industry, and will be focusing on their GT Tournaments and any specific announcements they might have.

So watch this space carefully as we bring you the best there is to offer in the gaming kingdom. You can also visit the Facebook page and Twitter feed.



Celenic Game Studios Teams Up With Salty Goal Productions to Develop Games

As mentioned before, Celenic Earth Productions is nows an officially registered company which means we can set about doing some official business. Over the last few days, we’ve been talking with Salty Goal Productions, developer of the horror game Hegis’ Grasp, and they are very keen to be developing games with us.


And so it is with great excitement that we can announce that Celenic Game Studios and Salty Goal Productions have sealed an official legal partnership. We already have some plans for some games that we have in mind and will be discussing strategies, business and marketing plans in time to come.

Exciting times lay ahead… stay tuned as we dish out more news up our upcoming games and partnership brand in times to come.