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Halloween Special – Hegis’ Grasp on sale for $1

With the upcoming Halloween the end of this month and with Hegis’ Grasp game about to be officially released, we are running a sale on the ebook on which the game is based. We’re dropping the price to a wonderful $1 to make sure everyone has something tremendously frightening to read come Halloween.

As a treat, you can see a preview for the upcoming game on Celenic Game Studios’ news site, AIR EntertainmentHegis’ Grasp ebook can be purchased our list of official distributors below at the low price $1:


   images  download (1).jpg  ibook-logo.jpg  images (1)  bakertaylor_logo.png  images (2).jpg  download (2).jpg  gardners1-720x5291.jpg  download (3).jpg  download (4)




Hegis’ Grasp now part of the Smashwords Winter / Summer Sale with 50% Off

At the start of this month we announced that author Shaun M Jooste’s novel went on sale for the Smashwords Winter / Summer Sale. Dean Clark’s Hegis’ Grasp has also now been included in the sale, with a massive 50% off the horror novel. Discussions with Salty Goal Productions reveal that the game that is based on this book is going well, and we can expect big, terrifying things coming our way.

So head on over to Smashwords if you want to pick this ebook up at half the price!




Dean Clark’s “Hegis’ Grasp” horror story now available on all popular ebook platforms

Dean Clark’s debut horror tale on which an upcoming game will be based has finally been released! ‘Hegis’ Grasp’ is the first harrowing tale that will take you through a town haunted with demonic creatures and the undead. It is the introduction to a game that will affect your minds with its darkness, clouding your minds with nightmares thereafter. It is not for the feint of heart.

Below are the distributors who have approved selling the ebook on their platforms. We have included links in the relevant icons where they are already available. You need only wait a few days for the rest to follow.

download   images  download (1).jpg  ibook-logo.jpg  images (1)  bakertaylor_logo.png  images (2).jpg  download (2).jpg  gardners1-720x5291.jpg  download (3).jpg  download (4)

Enjoy the story and remember… read with the lights on…