Luthando Ningiza’s Christian Inspirational Books Are Now Available

They are finally here! South African, Luthando Ningiza, is our first and only author to launch two books at the same time. Inspired by his faith in God, he brings these messages to you during these hard times.

Luthando is currently working on more books, which we will have more details on soon. For now, you can click on the book images below to find out where you can buy them online.

‘The aim of this book is to reveal God’s heart at his best towards man on earth. His endless love towards man and what is in store for man in God’s heart, and also aiming in building a strong and unshakable relationship towards man and God the creator.

It is aiming at reviving and challenging men and women of God to come back to their senses, and to serve God in a manner that is worth pleasing and acceptable to God.

It is also challenging men and women of God, to have a deep introspection into their daily lives and search themselves if they still live according to the standard of what they claim to be or they are just doing a Lip service.

The book also aims at motivating, inspiring and encouraging men and women of God, young and old, that surely there is a future hope for them. Stop doubting God and believe.

To He who was and is and will always be; may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, be with you all.’

‘The book contains a message that tries to show and reveals an awesome, incredible love of God towards mankind. Provided a man puts it into practice, what is written in the Bible as it is illustrated here in the book. With God and You, you two can work wonders as you walk miles together.

Yes it’s true; we can’t control the wind, the rain or the other vagaries of weather. But we can tack our sails so that we can steer the course we desire.

The aim is for each individual to create an action plan in their Spiritual lives. By doing so, they will be providing the blueprint or map of their spirituality which will lead them towards the culminating of their dreams. Spiritual people should realize this and be prepared to invest their time for their spirituality, doing the most important things first and the least important next.’

Well done Luthando on your first official book launch!!

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