Forthcoming Literary Attractions by Celenic Book Publishers

We are in the second month of 2019 already. Another month flies by and the year is moving on swiftly.

And a great way to move with the year is to announce the books we have signed up for publication for the coming months ahead. It is an exciting year for us, as we have a really promising collection from both new writers and old.

We’ve been working with these writers for some time now to get their books ready for this year. And we are proud to showcase them to you so you may be filled with the same eagerness as we are.

So here they are, our upcoming publications of 2019 and 2020 so far:

Debbie Stansfield- The Oracle Runes: Nornien Odyssey

Nornien Odyssey, Book 1 in the fantasy series The Oracle Runes, was first published in 2010. Due to bad faith in the publisher, and the publishing company now being defunct, writer Debbie Stansfield has turned to Celenic Earth Publications to have the work republished.

This first volume is near completion with regards to new editing and formatting to fit CEP publishing standards, but in the meantime here is the short synopsis of the fantasy novel:

Alexandra had never thought that she would have to finish a battle her parents had started more than ten years ago. But now the battle for the earth has erupted once again and she will need all the help she can get. From mere mortals turning into centaurs to an unexpected visit from a handsome wolfane, it is sure to keep Alexandra on her toes. She will have to rely on her family’s old friends the fairies to help her fight the battle, and when the Mermalani twins join she is sure that they at least have some chance of winning.

But are both twins on the side of good, or is one unconsciously fighting for the side of evil? This sends Alex on a journey where she discovers long dormant secrets and a family history she never thought possible. Can the mysterious Nornien stone, of the three fairy sisters of faith help the side of good during the war, or is it just some useless legend created by the elders to entertain children? Can she use her instincts in trusting the trolls whom have shown up unexpectedly, claiming not to be the ones responsible for the deaths of magical creatures? And when the centaurs show up after years of banishment, surprising even the fairy queen, she knows that their troubles have only started…

Kenny Bersgma – Fresh Observations

Kenny Bergsma has been writing for most of his senior life… he just never took the step to have any of it published. When we met him last year, we helped him publish his first drama novel inspired by real events, “Flats Justice“.

This year we are focusing on one of his inspirational books. Kenny likes to philosophise and spend time with God, talking about everything, from love to hardships, and has spent time writing all his notes in this inspirational volume. He hopes that some of his thoughts will get others to think with more of an open mind, when “Fresh Observations” is published.

Angelique Pacheco

Angelique has been writing for us for several anthologies now, but bringing her own work to publications has been in the works for some time now. We have three titles coming up from her, hopefully all this year, and they are all Christian-based books.

The first is Jungle Bible, which is a book of stories for children from the bible. There will also be an adult devotional book, and a children devotional book that we are really excited to be working on. There will be illustrations in the book, but we are sure that Christian children everywhere will love having these books by their beds.

Pragashnie Naidoo – Little Specks of Dust

Little Specks of Dust presents a drama that looks into the lives of an indian girl and those around her. Especially protective of her brother and the secret held between them, other secrets start to reveal themselves as everything begins to close in on her.

Pragashnie brings a riveting tale about family, culture and secrets that can tear people apart. It is bound to touch the hearts of many, and we look forward to working with her on her book.

Liam Scullard – Anthony and Me

Anthony and Me is a family orientated story about building a family from a start that most would think to be strange. All Jason wants to feel is love and happiness. When he meets Anthony, they take on the world gathering their family as they take their steps toward the future. As the family grows it becomes apparent that the brothers become one despite the challenges that try force them apart. The journey takes them to a place beyond their wildest dreams enriching their lives with love unity trust and happiness.

This is Liam’s first working title, and with it he brings such strong compassion between Anthony and Jason, that you will be compelled to read through every chapter to see their fire grow.

Shaun M Jooste

After the successful release of his debut horror novel, Silent Hill: Betrayal, author Shaun M Jooste is getting ready to release the second in his Silent Hill series, Silent Hill: Obversion. Fans of his first book have already signed up to the Silent Hill: Obversion Newsletter for insights as to what to expect from the upcoming horror novel.

Cassandra Sanders wakes up tied down to a gurney in the psychiatric ward of a dark and broken hospital. After barely escaping from demented doctors and other horrific horrors, she breaks out of the hospital and finds herself in the tormented and haunted town of Silent Hill.

While searching the streets and buildings for clues as to what is happening to the town, she discovers links to her past that have troubled her for most of her life. Signs of her family start appearing, and something sinister in the crippled creatures that hunt her calls out to her. Was Cassey somehow responsible for some of the things that had happened in Silent Hill? Was she indirectly responsible for the massacre that happened so long ago?

And in her reflections, captured in the fog of Silent Hill, she sees the face of someone she once loved, someone so close to her, who had been taken from her by her own father. And she can hear the cold axe ringing through the streets, on the chill of the air, coming for her life, the one who got away that fateful night….

Along with his second horror novel, Shaun is also busy with his upcoming dark fantasy novel, Malum: Rise of the Deadly Sins. Both Silent Hill: Obversion and Malum will be released at the same time this year.

Inspired by Blizzard’s dark fantasy game series, Diablo, comes a dark fantasy novel filled with magic and darkness. In a small town of K’vornash, the villagers are starting to act strangely. Once polite people with only slight hints of ambition, the villagers begin exhibiting behaviour completely against their nature. Once chaste men give into their lustful desires, honest women begin stealing in the dead of the night, and dead clergy are found strewn around the holy cathedral.

Rumours spread in the surrounding towns of these happenings and several warriors, mages and mystical fighters arrive at the town to discover the cause of this dark turn. At first, nothing gives sign as to what has occurred until whispers reach them of horrific creatures rising in the depths of Kor’nosh Mine.

The heroes delve into the darkness, battling every foe they come across. Yet, the more they fight, the stronger the demons become. The mines hold a deeper secret than the minions that fill the vast passages in the mountain, one that threatens the lives of every human on the planet. And it becomes clear that some among them are aligned with the darkness. 

More Titles to Come

We are busy negotiation more titles that might become available this year, as well a the list of anthologies that we plan to publish. One of the titles includes the sequel to Heroes of Antreya: The Journey Begins, but more details on that another time.

If you would like to contact us with regards to being published, feel free to contact us on our Submission page.

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