Guinness World Record Anthology Official Cape Town Launch Event: 14 October 2017

After a successful meeting with our local Exclusive Books store at Canal Walk shopping centre, Cape Town, we can finally inform you that the official launch of our Guinness World Record Anthology, CEA Greatest Anthology Written, is set for 14 October 2017, 11am.

As the Exclusive Books chain operates as a franchise, we could not obtain an agreement for the Volume to launch throughout the country’s stores. However, we are currently investigating getting Western Cape branches involved to make the volume available throughout the City of Cape Town. I have been informed that potential buyers can ask other branches for the Volume, who will then request Celenic Earth Publications to provide them with stock if the demand is high enough.

The international launch will be also be on 14 October 2017 through our normal chain of distributors as indicated below:


download  download.jpg  images  download (1).jpg  ibook-logo.jpg  images (1)  bakertaylor_logo.png  images (2).jpg  download (2).jpg  gardners1-720x5291.jpg  download (3).jpg  download (4)


createspace-squarelogo2.png  download.png  images  ;oot.jpg  download (1).png


Those who are able to make the launch event at Canal Walk and have pre-ordered will be able to collect their paperback copies at the event. It is to be noted that the copies that will be for sale at the event will cost more due to standard commercial markups costs, while we try and minimise the retail price as much as possible. You can still pre-order copies through our site as below.


New Project (2)

We hope to see as many of you at the event as possible. Expect to see television, newspaper and radio announcements for the event and advertising in the shopping centre itself in the weeks leading up to the event.


Kind regards

Shaun M Jooste

Director: Celenic Earth Publications

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