The Guinness World Record Anthology has reached 100 stories!!

And there it is, folks. We have done it. As of last night, just before midnight in South Africa, we reached the 100 story goal for our attempt at a Guinness world record for the Most authors contributing to an anthology of short stories. It has been a long 2 months since we started in July, but the team has been great and we have finally reached our goal, 1 day ahead of the deadline.

So now the fun begins. The official launch date is 30 September 2017. This means that we will be putting this giant anthology together in paperback and ebook format, designing concept covers, publishing and setting Amazon pre-orders, setting up the distribution agents, and of course planning for the major launch event. We need to print 1000 paperback copies minimum, and at least 500 hundred of sales must be from paperback, while the rest can be digital. Since the only way we can actually print paperback copies is to have them pre-ordered or sold, that still pretty much leaves us with having to sell 1000 paperback copies.

While we set the anthology up, you can help us reach our record. The only things left to do to reach this record is to publish, print 1000 paperbacks, and then have them sold. Once we sell all those copies, our record can be verified. And there is only one official way to be recognised as an official sponsor at our Guinness launch event and in the actual anthology itself, and that is to pre-order using these buttons below. Any pre-orders we set up through our distributors will not recognise you as a sponsor, as we do not receive information on who buys through online platforms like Amazon.

So if you want to be a recognised sponsor for a Guinness World Record title, please use these buttons below. The final date for official sponsor pre-orders is 20 September 2017, as that is the last day we can update the anthology with any further information, such as the list of official sponsors. We have already received some pre-orders from sponsors, which include individuals, writers, as well as organisations like GameTyrant (our first and biggest sponsor), Salty Goal Productions (official business partner with Celenic Game Studios), Juice Bubble, and Nectar & Ink. Since AIR Entertainment is our own gaming news label under Celenic Game Studios, you can expect a presence for them there too.

gametyrant-logo-on--white (1).png

received_1514762095256993        JuiceBubble-Logo-PNG-2.png





Note: The paperback prices include shipping and are kept as close to cost price as possible to aid us in gaining the required 1000 sales. All emails are captured by Payfast and sent to us, and we will email all sponsors for delivery addresses when the anthology is launched. Ebooks will be emailed on the date of launch.



R50: Donate towards the printing for the Guinness World Record Launch Event



R100: Pre-order a digital copy



R250: Pre-order a paperback copy of our Guinness World Record anthology for yourself



R250: Donate a copy to the Guinness World Record Launch Event



R500: Pre-order your own copy and Donate a copy to the Launch Event



We’ve been blessed with sponsors who want to contribute more than allowed by these buttons. For a special donations or greater amount of pre-order copies, please email for a special payment button or link to meet your needs.



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