Guinness World Record Anthology Update

We have been progressing well with our attempt at a world record anthology. With the current record set at 50 writers, we currently have 112 writers in our official Facebook group. 23 writers have submitted and been accepted into the anthology, and here are their names listed on the official Guinness database:


And here are the genres that you can expect from the anthology so far:

Guinness genres


We also have a sponsor update. We’ve been receiving sponsors through our pre-order and donation system and in the last few days we’ve obtain so many pledges already. Thank you so much to those that have preorders and also donated to the event. Every pledge counts towards the 1000 copies we need to print and have sold.

We have another month to work on receiving orders and finalising our stories. We will keep you updated as time goes by. In the meantime, be sure to check out our Library for our other books available for sale.

CEA Greatest Anthology Written Banner.jpg



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