South African Writer Kenny Bergsma’s FLATS JUSTICE Released

Local South African, Kenny Bergsma, has just released his debut novel called Flats Justice. It was inspired by real life events happening in the Cape Flats, with elements of gangsterism, drugs, sex and crime. It has the same feel as the ‘My Naam is Skollie’, a South African film also based on events in the Cape Flats.

The novel also weighs heavily on Cape Town culture and language, specifically where slang is used for local swearwords. South Africans will feel really at home with this novel, as the local slang streams across the pages where the gangsters communicate with one another.

Here is the write up:

Vida has lost it all. When her husband and child are brutally murdered, she waits for justice to do its part, but soon realises that the criminals may get away with it.

Deciding to take matters into her own hands, she hunts them down one by one. As she takes justice in her own hands, she realises there are others out there who have been affected by crime. But can she manage to gain vengeance for them while hunting her own victims down, especially when they realise who is after them?

We’ve created a page for the book, so head on over to see its availability through our distribution channels.


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