Call for Short Story Writers: Crime Thriller and Noir Anthologies

In keeping with our 2017 Anthology Schedule, we have two new anthologies coming up for August. We will be accepting 15 writers on a first come, first serve basis and adding you to our Anthology Closed Facebook Group. Word limits are between 5 and 10k, and the deadline is 31 July 2017.


CEA Between the Mystery backdropRZ.jpg


This will be a crime thriller anthology, featuring stories that focuses on psychological thriller as well as crime. It doesn’t necessary have to do with detective or police work, and may focus on any criminal aspects as long as there is mystery involved.



CEA With Veiled Deduction backdrop Rmz.png

We’re not sure how many writers we will get for this, but it is a genre that we dearly love. This will be Noir writing, specifically the old fashioned hardboiled style, where detective work and all the classic Noir themes are utilised.

So for any that wish to submit a request to join any of these anthologies, please email us or send us a comment or message on our facebook page.





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